The Starbucks Culture Collection 

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to work as a Starbucks barista. Getting to hang out in a cosy Starbucks store all day and fulfilling beverage orders seems like it would be a whole lot of fun. Plus, you’d get first dibs on all the latest drinks and merchandise to hit the shelves.

Starbucks’ latest collection, The Starbucks Culture Collection, is all about a day in the life of a barista. The cold cups and tumblers feature colourful illustrations of the different elements of a barista’s day.

Let’s take a look at the designs!

The 12oz cold cup

starbucks culture collection

First up from the left is the 12oz cold cup, $18.90. Standing front and centre is an illustration of a rosy-cheeked girl with a bob haircut.

I’d imagine this scene is from the point of view of a Starbucks barista: Greeting a regular customer—I’m going to call her Stacey—who has a penchant for striped t-shirts. Every day, Stacey comes in and is greeted by a hearty “Welcome” from her favourite barista. Stacey doesn’t have to recite her order because the barista knows it off-hand by now. Behind Stacey is a Starbucks shelf with all the paraphernalia you would usually see in the store, featuring cups in all colours, shapes and sizes.

The cup has a black lid and a mint green straw to match Stacey’s mint green top.

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The 24oz cold cup 

starbucks culture collection

Our pal Stacey makes an appearance on the second cold cup design (centre) as well. This time, she is in a white and blue striped dress, a red beret and black ballet flats. Stacey seems to be a bit of a Francophile, so it’s only fitting that the cup also features a croissant. On top of that, you can spot a muffin and different kinds of coffee cups, as well as a milk jug and measuring spoon set.

The cup has an orange lid and black straw, with the Starbucks logo on it. It retails at $29.90.

The 16oz stainless steel tumbler

starbucks culture collection

Last but not least, we have the stainless steel tumbler (right). This time, the Starbucks barista is the star of the show. Wearing the Starbucks apron over a yellow top and pants, he is holding onto a Starbucks cup, dishing out beverages to customers across the counter. The argyle pattern from the first cold cup is repeated here, along with a mug of coffee with latte art on top and another cup.

The tumbler has a white background, black lid and the word “Starbucks” on the side in silver. It retails at $44.90.

The Starbucks Culture Collection Lets You Channel Your Inner Barista

The Starbucks Culture Collection gives us an insight into, well, the Starbucks culture. It is available at all Starbucks stores except for the ones listed on its website.

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