Starbucks Hot Cup Cushion

Two weeks ago, Starbucks dropped its Christmas merchandise, which featured polar bear tumblers, bottles and cups. Our favourite coffeehouse chain isn’t done with the festivities, however.

Starting from today, Starbucks is expanding its holiday collection with more adorable mugs, tumblers and even a Starbucks Hot Cup Cushion that will drop later this month. Have a look at the new products coming to town.

Hot Cup Cushion

starbucks cushion

Partnering with local lifestyle brand, Meykrs, Starbucks will be launching its iconic Starbucks Hot Cup in an extra huggable size. This cute Hot Cup Cushion bears the classic twin-tailed mermaid on its brown sleeve—perfect for the friend who’s obsessed with Starbucks.

The Starbucks Hot Cup Cushion will be available in stores from 25 November 2019. It will retail for $29.90 each.

More mugs & tumblers

starbucks cushion mugs

Here are more mugs to collect during the Christmas season. These mugs have bulbous penguins on them, and one is even holding its Starbucks order in one hand. The mug on the right sees a fox with its tail for the cup handle.

Left to right:
12oz mug ($24.90)
12oz mug ($34.90), available at selected stores
12oz mug ($24.90)

starbucks cushion polar bear

When you turn this double-walled glass cup upside-down, you’ll see Mr Polar Bear’s face in the inner glass layer. He’s accompanied by a snowman holding decorative fairy lights on another mug, as well as a reindeer-inspired one next to it.

Left to right:
8oz cup ($30.90), available at selected stores
12oz mug ($24.90)
8oz mug ($20.90), available at selected stores

A baby polar bear makes an appearance on this mug, and it seems as though it’s bringing home tons of wrapped presents. On the water bottle, there’s a fox that’s about to unwrap gifts with its buddies.

Left to right:
12oz mug ($24.90)
12oz bottle ($46.90)

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Mr Polar Bear lugs a large Christmas tree on one of the mugs, as a squirrel on the other coaster offers him a sip of coffee.

Left to right:
12oz mug ($34.90)
16oz mug ($26.90)

Exclusive to Starbucks Rewards Gold members

There’s a special treat for all Starbucks Rewards Gold members. When you spend a minimum of $10 in a single receipt, you can redeem a special-edition reusable red cup.

Keep an eye out for Starbucks’ new gift card designs too. Once you top up $10 into the Starbucks card, it’s ready to be used.

In collaboration with The Animal Project

starbucks cushion the animal project

To celebrate artists with special needs, Starbucks has teamed up with local social enterprise The Animal Project (TAP) for an exclusive collection.

Designed by Tay Jun-Yi, the collection features an Espresso Cup & Saucer Set ($39.90), so you can enjoy your coffee at home or at work.

Urge your friends to go green by gifting them this sustainable Chopstick Set ($19.90).

Keep all your essentials in one place with this Pouch ($32.90), which has a white dog charm at the zipper.

Starbucks’ Christmas Collection Features A Hot Cup Cushion & More Mugs

With more Starbucks merchandise to add to your shopping list, you’re about to have a holly, jolly Christmas. Visit the Starbucks Singapore website for more information.

All photos courtesy of Starbucks Singapore

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