Starbucks Halloween 2023 Collection

With the Mid-Autumn Festival coming to an end, we’re approaching another fun period to enjoy this coming October — Halloween. Apart from anticipating the usual Starbucks PSL drinks, the coffee franchise will also be releasing a new drinkware collection on 4 October 2023, featuring adorable motifs of ghosts, cats and bats. 

Tumblers and bottles

From left: 16oz tumbler, $49.90; 11.1oz tumbler, $45.90

It’s not Halloween without a splash of orange to remind us of fall motifs such as falling leaves and round pumpkins. Get funky with these stainless steel tumblers in shades of orange, purple and white, with the 11.1oz tumbler featuring a ghost stitching these colours together.

Starbucks Halloween 2023From left: 12oz tumbler, $45.90; 16oz tumbler, $49.90; 12oz water bottle, $25.90

More wavy patterns appear on the 12oz and and 16oz tumblers, with the latter featuring hipster ghosts and cats riding on skateboards.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated by keeping the small 12oz water bottle (right) safely tucked inside your bag, featuring a black cat in a bat costume floating above a skateboard.

Cold Cups

From left: 16oz Cold Cup, $32.90; 16oz Cold Cup, $52.90; 24oz Cold Cup, $39.90

Complete your PSL order with the range of Cold Cups in more spooky motifs of hipster ghosts. And to amp up the Halloween vibes, the stainless steel Cold Cup (middle) also comes with a glow in the dark effect.

The Grey Jewel Cold Cup (right) highlights a kitten bat topper, serving as a companion for those who are planning to dress up as witches for Halloween.

For Starbucks fans who want to get their hands on an exclusive item from this collection, don’t miss out on this colour changing reusable Cold Cup.

This 20oz Cold Cup comes with a glow-in-the-dark ghost motif in the middle, and will only available from 11 October 2023 onwards at $9.90 with any purchase,  in-stores and on Starbucks’ online store.


From left: 12oz mug, $29.90; 16oz mug, $29.90

Give your household a new spooky transformation with these Halloween-themed mugs, starring the Siren Dark Glass Mug (left) and the Black Wave Stainless Steel Mug (right). These come in more subtle Halloween designs for minimalists to enjoy adding to their home aesthetics as well. 

From left: 12oz mug, $45.90; 3oz mug, $52.90

For those who want to go all out with your Halloween home decor, check out the ghosts and snow globe kitten ceramic mugs. With these, you can impress your guests whenever they come over for trick-or-treat sessions during this festive season.


Starbucks Halloween 2023

For those who are wondering what the iconic Bearista is dressing up as this Halloween, the collection has revealed it with an adorable keychain — a kitten bat. It’s available at $25.90 each, with a pair of bat wings attached to the Bearista’s back.

Get the purr-fect kitten bat wind chime for windy nights at $22.90, providing soothing sounds to make your home a little livelier.

The New Starbucks Halloween 2023 Collection Is Filled With Spooky Motifs

As we’re steadily approaching October, many of us are looking forward to a spooky-filled month of costume parties and new fall treats. That’s not all — more glow-in-the-dark mugs in ghost and cat designs will also be available soon. 

The full Starbucks Halloween 2023 collection launches on 4 October 2023 in-stores islandwide, on Starbucks’ online store, LazMall and ShopeeMall, while stocks last.

All images courtesy of Starbucks.

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