Starbucks Singapore Halloween Collection

It’s Halloween season – meaning time to whip out your devilish costumes, stock up on pumpkin-spiced everything and ready yourself to binge some spooky films. To celebrate in style, why not replace them with the Starbucks Singapore Halloween items that double as decor. 

The collection includes tumblers and mugs that glow in the dark, change colours or are simply styled for maximum boo-factor. To add to the festive mood, Starbucks even has a new drink flavoured to suit the occasion. 

Glow items 

glowing tumbler

Glow hard or glow home – so why not consider taking a sip out of these glow-in-the-dark items? The cup and 12oz tumbler both come in grey and are embellished with prints of a black cat and white ghosts. Switch off the lights and just like magic, the ghosts give off a cool green luminescence.

Additionally, the iconic Starbucks bling cup has undergone its own glow-up so now, you don’t have to rummage around in the dark to get a sip of water. 

The mug is priced at $24.80, the 12oz tumbler is priced at $28.90 and the 24oz tumbler is priced at $39.90. 

Colour-changing mug

colour-changin mug

This colour-changing mug is basically a 2-in-1 item – it starts off black with Halloween-themed icons, then transforms completely once you’ve added a hot drink in. The heat turns the mug white and reveals colourful ghosts, a pumpkin and a black cat. 

The mug is priced at $34.90. 

Tumbler and bottle


The motifs on the previous items can also be seen on this 16oz tumbler and 12oz bottle. While the tumbler comes in a dark purple with a dual-layer wall, the bottle is coloured pink with a gradual fade into light purple at the bottom. 

The 16oz tumbler is priced at $27.90 while the 12oz bottle is priced at $42.90. 

Feline items  


The next 2 items in the collection take the form of a feline-themed bottle and mug. The grey bottle has a crew on cap with a handle and a black cat surrounded by ghosts printed on it. 

The mug on the other hand, is transparent with the same black cat added alongside an upside-down smiley face to mimic the form of a ghost. 

The bottle is priced at $34.90 while the mug is priced at $38.90. 


Some of the items in this collection can also be found in the Starbucks Hong Kong Halloween collection, like these 3 feline-themed mugs. You can take your pick from a black kitty-cat hugging a ghost, dressed in a witches hat or even hiding in a pumpkin. Fun fact: black cats were believed to be able to change into humans on Halloween – but hopefully these 3 remain as kitchenware at home. 

The ghost feline mug is priced at $26.90, the witches hat version is $38.90 while the pumpkin mug is $36.90. 

Ghost cups 

ghost cup

Alternatively, this transparent ghost mug will add just the right amount of spooky touch to whatever bevvy you’re drinking. As you take more sips of your drink, the ghost feature in the centre will slowly start to show. 

The mug is priced at $31.90.

ghost cup

This mug has to be the perfect gift for that friend who’s guilty of always ghostin your texts. The details like the frilly bottom and little ghost hands give it an extra spirited appearance. 

The mug is priced at $24.90.



We all love dressing up on Halloween and that doesn’t exclude Bearista, clad in his own ghost costume and witches hat – as if  he couldn’t decide between the 2 spooky ensembles. 

The Halloween Bearista plushy is $42.90. 



To top it all off, instead of your regular PSL order, why not give the new Starbucks Spook-a-ccino a go? The beverage consists of strawberry, chocolate and coffee flavours, with chocolate chips and strawberry sauce added in. There’s even a pumpkin-shaped topper nestled in the whipped cream – yum

A tall Spook-a-ccino is priced at $8.20. 

This Starbucks SG Halloween Collection Is The Perfect Addition To Your Halloween Happenings 

All the Starbucks Halloween items will be available in stores and online from Lazada or Shopee starting 6 October 2021,12pm. It’s the perfect time to dive into the horror season with these specially-themed tumblers and mugs. 

All images courtesy of Starbucks Singapore

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