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Starbucks Japan Spring 2023 Collection 

With all COVID-19 border measures lifted, you can now pack your bags and travel with no worries. And If you’re planning a trip to Japan soon, there’s a high chance that you’ll be able to see cherry blossoms bloom.

To commemorate that occasion, Starbucks Japan has released a new Spring 2023 collection with drinkware, notebooks, and bags, all decorated with cherry blossom designs. 

Tumblers & water bottles

starbucks japan spring 2023 tumblers 5

Look pretty in pink with these two petite tumblers. On the left is a clear glass with a pink lid. Decorated on the cup is pink, blue, and purple flower designs, with the iconic Starbucks logo in the middle. 

On the right is an all-pink cup, with a metal strip at the bottom and embossed with cherry blossom outlines on the tumbler. Similar to the left tumbler, this cup has a pastel pink cover to secure your hot and cold drinks. 

starbucks japan spring 2023 tumblers 3

The sweet-looking bottle on the left comes in a blue to pink gradient. The top half is blue, while the bottom is pink. The bottle features cherry blossoms seemingly floating down the cup, giving the impression of seeing them fall IRL. 

Alternatively, the bottle on the right comes in pink and has a matching cover. The middle of the cup is designed with white hues and pink cherry blossoms floating to the bottom of the bottle. 

starbucks japan spring 2023 tumblers 1

Sip your coffee with this pink bottle, topped with a blue cover and embossed with cherry blossom grooves. The textured design has a simple yet chic exterior, perfect for storing your chilled drinks on the go. 

Meanwhile, the tumbler on the right may look chaotic at first, but it comes in a stunning iridescent design. Topped with a pink cover, the body of the tumbler is clear, and decorated with pink shimmery cherry blossoms. Make sure to shake the cup for a glittery surprise. 

starbucks japan spring 2023 tumblers 4

Accompany your daily routines with this solid purple bottle. The white Starbucks logo in the middle of the design is surrounded by gorgeous pink and blue cherry blossoms. The bottle also includes a lock clasp for the cover, to ensure zero spillage. 

Keep yourself hydrated with the tall pink bottle on the right for a girly vibe. Decorated with dark pink and purple petals, this design gives off a calm feel for a chill morning. 

starbucks japan spring 2023 tumblers 2

Begin your day with this cute bearista-topped reusable cup, able to hold hot and cold drinks. Decorated in a pale pink and decked with purple and pink flower outlines, the bearista topper matches the cup with its pink top and cherry blossom hair clip.


starbucks japan spring 2023 cups 1

If seeing cherry blossoms IRL isn’t enough for you, opt for the pink Starbucks cup on the left, decorated with many pink sakuras in a clear blue glass. Coming with a pink straw, you can bring this cup around for your coffee runs. 

The purple-blue cup on the right has a handle, and is decorated with chio cherry blossoms floating down the design.  

starbucks japan spring 2023 cups 3
Nothing screams Spring more than pretty pastel colours – especially with this pink and purple cup. Featuring cherry blossoms floating down, the cup comes with a pink handle and purple exterior. 

Alternatively, consider the clear glass cup on the right, with a ring of pink cherry blossoms emblazoned across the cup. 

starbucks japan spring 2023 cups 2
Sparkle up your drinks with this clear glass cup, decorated with shiny pink and purple cherry blossoms. The handle’s interior is filled with purple gems, adding that extra touch of glam to your beverages. 

Bags & notebooks 

starbucks japan spring 2023 bags

Hold all your essentials with the silky pale pink drawstring bag. Decked with the Starbucks logo in the middle, the bag comes with a white string and pink knob to tighten or loosen your items. You can also hang this on your wrist when you head out for a chic look. 

The pink tote bag features designs of blue and pink cherry blossoms, and comes with an internal compartment secured with a purple ribbon.

starbucks japan spring 2023 message gift bag
Additionally, the collection includes message gift bags with a mini bearista toy and takeaway cup-shaped card – perfect for fellow Starbucks lovers out there. Decked in pink with cherry blossoms, the card lets you write a small note to give your SO for a cute surprise. 

starbucks japan spring 2023 notebooks

Be back-to-school ready with these notebooks that come in pink and purple, and are decorated with cherry blossoms. With words such as “coffee” and “milk” on the covers, the notebooks will perk you up during those draggy classes.

The Starbucks Japan Spring 2023 Collection Will Let You Bring Cherry Blossoms With You Around

If you’re unable to see the cherry blossoms IRL, the Starbucks Japan’s Spring 2023 collection is the next best thing. Decorated with pretty cherry blossoms and shimmery designs, you won’t be experiencing FOMO with your chio mug or tumbler. 

However, as the collection is currently only available in Japan from 17 February 2023, you might want to consider having it shipped through freight forwarders to Singapore. 

All images courtesy of Starbucks Japan

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