Taylor Swift’s Eras Ranked

If you have been living under a rock, listen up. Taylor Swift will be making her way to Singapore for the Eras Tour. It’s been a long time coming since her 1989 World Tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium back in 2015. Besides, having the chance to see and listen to songs from different Taylor Swift’s eras IRL is a dream come true

Besides learning the fanchants and reminiscing about the crazy ticket sales, Swifties have been debating which is the best era amongst her impressive discography. From her debut to her latest, Midnights, we are literally blessed and spoilt for choice. 

Below, we ranked all of Taylor Swift’s eras from the least to the most iconic and why we think each era deserves their respective spot. But frankly, they’re all iconic in their own way. 

10. Taylor Swift Self-Titled Debut (2006)


The Taylor Swift debut era marked Taylor’s humble beginnings in the music industry her country roots were hella strong. Although I might not be a hardcore fan of the genre, it made my then 8-year-old self bopping to songs like “Our Song”, “Picture To Burn” and “Tim McGraw”. 

TBH, this era didn’t receive much appreciation compared to the rest of her discography but we have to admit that she revolutionised the country genre with this era. The debut album will always hold a special place in the fandom.

9. Evermore (2020)


The Evermore era literally wrecked my plans during 2020, I fondly remember the album being dropped five months after Folklore. It caused all Swifities, including me, to go into shock ― in a good way though. Sadly, it was an even shorter era than Folklore and deserved more time for the fans to enjoy during that period of time.

If I could describe this era, it would be this: imagine curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and blankets, accompanied by a storybook. Listening to her soothing voice in tracks such as “willow”, “gold rush” and “marjorie” gave major cottage-core vibes.

8. Speak Now (2010) and Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) (2023)

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The Speak Now era was one of a kind, like who doesn’t know about “Enchanted”? The purple era provided us with very memorable songs to sing in the car.

Some fans might think Reputation was Taylor’s villain era but OG Swifties would know that the Speak Now album was chock full of songs which were reportedly written about her exes. This includes John Mayer, Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas, to name a few. 

The era might look “Innocent but Taylor pulled no punches in delivering the blows with her tracks. BTW, the re-recorded Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) album will be released on 7 July 2023 so mark your calendar. 

7. Folklore (2020)


Folklore era really said, “Move over, sweater weather.” as it single handedly carried the cardigan season. I, for one, fully immersed myself in the world of her dreamy songs on her album like “illicit affairs”, “exile” and “mirrorball”. The storytelling and the Autumninspired fits were a huge slay, especially during the height of COVID. 

Similar to another era on this list, Folklore’s time was shortlived. Although this era isn’t ranked as high, I personally appreciate TayTay for venturing a different route in her songwriting process. Plus I gotta say, the upcoming ticket sales will have me playing “this is me trying” on repeat.

6. Fearless (2008) and Fearless (Taylor’s Version) (2021)

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The Fearless era definitely solidified her prowess in writing songs while encapsulating the teenage essence of being in love. Plus, her recent re-recorded Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album adds a more mature flair so it feels like we have grown alongside her. 

Let’s admit it, her most popular hit songs “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” were staples in our karaoke sessions ― and not surprisingly, they still are. 

ICYMI, Taylor featured her childhood best friend Abigail in her “Fifteen” music video with a song line dedicated to her. If that’s not bestie energy, I don’t know what is.

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5. Lover (2019)


While fans are so excited for the Eras tour, non-Swifties will definitely be telling us to calm down but we can’t help it. Just imagine singing along to the legendary bridge of “Cruel Summer” IRL.

The Lover era was every hopeless romantics’ dream it made me feel that love truly exists in the world. From dreamy tunes such as “The Archer” and “Daylight”  to an unexpectedly spicy “False God”, it’s everything you would want in a soundtrack of a romantic movie. 

In fact, this era inspired many outfits for The Eras tour all over the world. Also IYKYK, but listening to “Lover” and “London Boy ” hits differently now ― I’m not crying, you are.

4. Midnights (2022)


2022 was the time to meet Taylor at midnight with her latest album ― Midnights shows a lot of Taylor’s self-reflection ― just imagine her closing a chapter and writing a new one. 

There’s a sense of sadness yet hope for new beginnings with her hits such as “You’re On Your Own Kid”, “Anti-Hero” and “Sweet Nothing”. A girl can only dream that she releases her exclusive song “You’re Losing Me” on streaming sites ASAP, so I can put it on repeat.

3. 1989 (2014)


This 1989 era will definitely never go out of style. When she dropped this upbeat pop album, it literally redefined mainstream music. This iconic era gave Swifities a dose of serotonin and party vibes FR FR

I will always be a 1989 girlie by jamming out to tracks such as “Wildest Dreams”, “New Romantics” and “Welcome To New York”.

2. Reputation (2017)


NGL, Taylor made a huge comeback in her Reputation era. It showed fans that our mother did not back down from the hate that she received over the years. Instead, she created one of the most iconic albums of all time in which her reputation remained an occuring theme throughout her songs. 

Although revenge is best served cold, she served it piping hot with songs like “Getaway Car”, “…Ready For It?” and “End Game”. With many people gunning for her concert tickets, it’s safe to say SG Swifties are ready to fight for the slots. Look what you made us do for you, Taylor. 

1. Red (2012) and Red (Taylor’s Version) (2022)

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If you haven’t been listening and crying to Taylor’s 10 minute version of “All Too Well”, this is a very good time to revisit the Red era all over again. The era was packed with masterpieces like “Everything Has Changed”, “22” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. 

According to Capital FM, the then-21-year-old Taylor penned down songs for the crimson-themed album after her brief relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal ― yikes

Apart from that, this era is our number one on our list simply because it highlights the singer’s transition from country to mainstream pop and captured her at the cusp of global superstardom. We stan a versatile queen.

We Ranked Taylor Swift’s Eras For Her Upcoming Singapore Concert So You Can Jam Out To All Of Her Songs

Each Taylor Swift era is unique on its own and have their own special quirk. Even if you aren’t a diehard Swiftie, you probably know a song or two each from the 10 eras listed above. 

While anticipating for the ticket sales to begin, SG Swifites can hype themselves up for the upcoming concert by blasting her songs out loud. As Singapore will be her only stop in Southeast Asia, The Eras Tour will be one to be remembered.

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