Telegram Channels For Women

With how easily accessible the internet is for all of us, looking for a solution to our problems is simply a quick Google search away. But for the ladies who are looking for a curated list of tips and tricks to improve their wellness, beauty and self-care, we’ve got you covered. 

We compiled 14 Telegram channels for women in Singapore to empower their lifestyle in different ways. By subscribing to these, now you can receive notifications on your fave deals and events — all for free


1. SG Fitness & Health

Telegram Channels For Women

Ladies who are looking to try out a new workout routine or simply want deals on a new gym fit, SG Fitness & Health has it all. It’s the perfect channel for both beginners and fitspos to discover new adventures and clock in your weekly fitness goals. 

Join SG Fitness & Health on Telegram.

2. SG Weekend Plans

If you find yourself constantly saying that Singapore is too boring, SG Weekend Plans is here to prove you wrong. With updates on the latest exhibitions, events and even brand new shopping malls, your weekend dates with bae will soon be packed AF. 

Join SG Weekend Plans on Telegram.


3. SG Budget Babes

Telegram Channels For Women

SG Budget Babes is a go-to channel for all things beauty and fashion. Here, ladies can get updates on the latest sales and fashion events, so you can snag a new look without breaking the bank. This is especially useful during peak periods such as Chinese New Year or year-end sales. 

Join SG Budget Babes on Telegram.

4. SG Giveaways & Freebies

Being kiasu is pretty much a requirement for every Singaporean. For those who live and breathe freebies, SG Giveaways & Freebies will give you firsthand updates on the latest giveaways. There’s nothing like feeling extra smug when you’re the first in line for a long queue. 

Join SG Giveaways & Freebies on Telegram.


5. SG Tech & Games

Telegram Channels For Women

Treat yourself to a new gadget or two while browsing through SG Tech & Games, a channel for all the gamer girls in Singapore. Apart from electronics, you’ll also receive updates on new game stores such as Gashapon stores with adorable anime figurines to add to your growing collection.

Join SG Tech & Games on Telegram.

6. SG Food Deals

Calling all foodies — SG Food Deals is here to make sure that you won’t miss out on another Starbucks 1-for-1 deal ever again. Whether it’s discounts, a new restaurant opening or a listicle of the best cafes in Singapore, this channel is pretty much every foodie’s bible. 

Join SG Food Deals on Telegram.

7. SG Travel Promos

Since travel is now officially back in business, those who caught the travel bug can subscribe to SG Travel Promos to make the best out of your upcoming trip. This channel features airline discounts, travel itineraries and things to take note of in different countries so you’ll be well prepared during your planning. 

Join SG Travel Promos on Telegram.

8. SG New Movies & Shows

Telegram Channels For Women

Here’s a date idea: a hearty dinner, cuddles in bed, and a new Netflix movie playing in the background. But if you and bae can’t decide on the perfect movie to stream, SG New Movies & Shows has all the recommendations. 

In this channel, you can check out the top 10 films and series trending in Singapore, as well as new movies hitting our local theatres every week. 

Join SG New Movies & Shows on Telegram.

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Bonus niche channels

9. SG Parent Things


Being a parent isn’t easy, especially for first-time mums who are struggling to keep up with this new change in their lives. Luckily, SG Parent Things is here to make life simpler for you and your little ones. Discover new child-friendly events, milk formula discounts and fun festivals to attend with the whole family. 

Join SG Parent Things on Telegram.

10. SG Student Promos

Not to worry for those who are still in school — SG Student Promos is a channel to ensure that you can make full use of your student card while studying. Apart from shopping deals, students can also check out school-related information such as university accommodations, guides to creating a LinkedIn profile and career fairs. 

Join SG Student Promos on Telegram.

11. SG Adulting 101

Telegram Channels For Women

Learning how to become an adult is also not something that can be easily taught through textbooks in school. Honestly? Adulting stress is real

To gear us up for the real world, SG Adulting 101 has career tips, home guides and tips on how to invest for beginners. You can think of this channel as a kor kor or jie jie to guide you through the next phase of life.  

Join SG Adulting 101 on Telegram.

12. SG Cab Promos

Admit it — we’ve all had times where we were too lazy to take public transport home, only to be shocked awake by the high cost of booking a cab. The sian feeling dampens further if you don’t already have a promo code to utilise. 

SG Cab Promos has all the deals you need from every taxi app in Singapore. With so many options available, pick out the best promotions to maximise your next cab ride. 

Join SG Cab Promos on Telegram.

13. SG Property Deals & News

Telegram Channels For Women

NGL, nowadays it’s hard to look for an objective property deal without property agents breathing down our necks. For those who are interested in reading up more without the pressure of a third party, check our SG Property Deals & News to stay updated with the latest property trends. 

Join SG Property Deals & News on Telegram


Of course, we can’t miss out on including on this list. From new fashion trends and exclusive beauty releases to juicy perspectives, ZULA is every Singaporean female’s guide to feeling empowered as an individual. 

Join on Telegram.

These Telegram Channels Are Here To Help Women Elevate Their Wellness, Beauty & Self-Care

Life in Singapore may feel hectic due to the fast-paced environment that we’re used to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slow down and treat yourself every once in a while. Subscribe to these Telegram channels to empower your lifestyle and remind yourself to take a breather every now and then, no matter if it’s to elevate your wellness, beauty or self-care.

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