Men Who Date Thai Disco Girls

Disclaimer: This article is based on the opinions of women who responded to our Thai disco story.

With exotic good looks and gentle smiles, Thai women are known to be beautiful and rightly so.

But in the murky underground of Singapore’s Thai disco (siam diu) scene, the generalisation of Thai disco girls (siam bus) often carries a certain stigma.

Some say Thai disco girls are gold-diggers, while others praise them for their ‘wife-material’ qualities. Either way, we can’t deny many Singaporean men find Thai disco girls irresistibly attractive.

We’ve heard what some Singaporean men have to say about preferring to date Thai disco girls, but what do Singaporean girls really think of these Singaporean men?

*Names were changed to protect identities

Looking for love in the wrong places?

When you tell a Singaporean you’re dating a Thai disco girl, people often seem apprehensive about the relationship. There’s a sentiment only naive men seek love in Thai discos.

“Guys have two brains,” *Alicia, 25, says, “ When the brain on top shuts off, they can’t think straight. A friend of mine spent all his money on this siam bu. But when she left Singapore, she didn’t even tell him.”

“All these siam bus will make you feel good until you get cheated, then that’s when you start to complain and kao pei kao bu.”

Some women like *Fiona, 23, feel spending money on Thai disco girls is merely a quick fix for those unable to find ‘ideal Singaporean girlfriends’.

“Some men prefer siam bus because they’re more submissive, which feeds their ego. But maybe the men should realise their expectations are unrealistic. When you date a girl, you need to remember she’s your girlfriend, not your servant. Any girl can pretend you’re the ‘king’, but for how long?”

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Singapore men unable to ‘get’ Singaporean girls?

Singaporean men who prefer dating Thai disco girls often say Singaporean girls “think too highly of themselves, are bossy, arrogant and have too high expectations”.

However, some women feel it’s more a case of sour grapes. “These men probably feel bitter because they got rejected,” says *Clara, 22. “They’re usually the lup sup guys who objectify women and have an inferiority complex.”

“My friend told me he’d love to date a Singaporean girl who is career-driven, but he isn’t at the same stage in life. So he dates siam bus for temporary companionship. I find that silly,” she adds.

While it is true Singaporean girls place importance on financial stability when choosing a partner, there is the general agreement Singaporean women work hard for their own money.

“Many Singaporean girls want a good life because of their upbringing. Even though some think marrying a rich husband is the easy way out, many local girls work hard for a better life with their hubby,” says *Rachel, 26.

“If you marry a siam bu, you better make sure you have a job that can fully provide your family and hers. Once they get married, many don’t work because that’s their goal.”

Different strokes for different folks?

Choosing a partner is still largely a personal, private choice. Some women like *Britney, 28, feel “it’s none of our business” if Singaporean men choose to date Thai disco girls.

“Some Singaporean girls are SPG (sarong party girls) and only date white guys. Likewise, these Singaporean men who like siam bus simply prefer a ‘different flavour’. Just make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.”

But Thai disco girls are not an accurate representation of all Thai women.

And not all Thai disco girls deserve the negative label attached to them, given by the privileged who can’t empathise with what they’ve gone through. It is possible to have a truly happy ending.

“I know of friends who’ve happily married Thai women and girls who used to work in siam dius,” says *Tessa, 25.

“No matter how happy the relationship, there’ll always be some rude people who will talk and say she’s a siam bu and they only got married because they diao kia (got her pregnant).”

Love pops up in unexpected places—after all, who are we to judge?

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This article was first published on 18 August 2017 and last updated on 22 April 2024. 

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