Marvel’s The Eternals x Urban Decay

The Marvel Cinematic Universe aka MCU is blessing Marvel fans with yet another movie in November, The Eternals, while we’re still recovering from the slayage of Shang-Chi

To keep the hype up, Marvel has also joined forces with makeup brand Urban Decay to drop a limited edition makeup collection. Whether you’re a Marvel fan, beauty junkie or both, read on to find out more about this exclusive collaboration. 

The collection

This collection is inspired by The Eternals and it comes in packaging featuring the graphics that are seen in The Eternals movie trailer and poster. You can take them home as a set at USD295 (~S$401.50) or as individual items, including the eye shadow palette, eye pencils, lipsticks, highlighters and body glitter.   

Eye shadow palette

Fun fact: this is not the first time Urban Decay has come up with eye shadow palettes that include a 3D pop-up element. 

Inspired by the superpowers of The Eternals, the pop-up features different logos in gold motifs ‒ including the alphabet “E” in the middle which represents Eternals. Right above, you’ll find the phrase “Inspire greatness across the universe” across the eye shadow palette cover. 

Marvel’s The Eternals x Urban Decay

As Urban Decay is also known for their bold eye shadow colours, this palette includes 15 matte and metallic shades that are suitable for any versatile look ‒ such as role playing for Halloween or dolling up for a romantic night with bae to catch the movie in cinemas

Marvel’s The Eternals x Urban Decay

Urban Decay has named the shades according to the references found in the movie too, such as superpower moves like “cosmic blast” and “sonic boom”. 

The eye shadow palette retails at US$65 (~S$88.40). 

Eyeliner pencil

Adding a pop of colour to your eyes can be easy with the glide-on eyeliner pencils found in the collection. They are available in 4 cosmic colours ‒ black, purple, royal blue and gold. 

Marvel’s The Eternals x Urban Decay

Thanks to the micro-sparkles infused in the eyeliner pencils, they give your eyes an extra shimmer. On top of that, they are also waterproof and transfer-resistant. Plus, ingredients found in the eyeliner pencils also include hydrating vitamin E which allows a smooth application. 

It retails at USD22 (~S$29.90). 


While wearing masks is mandatory in Singapore and people would rarely see your lips, your makeup is never complete without some lip colour. Urban Decay has their own exclusive line of lipsticks aka lip eclipse. It is a sheer lipstick that leaves a creamy and glittery finish. 

Marvel’s The Eternals x Urban DecaySparkling Purple, Champagne, Pink nude, Berry red

Available in 4 shades, the lip eclipses come in black packaging ‒ each with gold embossing of the logos of Urban Decay and The Eternals. Since they are also slimmer than standard lipsticks, they can easily slip into your makeup pouch. 

It retails at USD22 (~S$29.90).


Highlighters are not just for the face as you can also apply them to your collar bones or any other part of your body that you want to pop with shine. 

Marvel’s The Eternals x Urban Decay

Suitable for all skin tones, the highlighters come in 2 shades, gold and bronze, and are in a triangle-shaped packaging. It completes your look with a semi-sheer and radiant finish that lasts as long as 8 hours. 

Once again on the cover, The Eternals graphics make another appearance. 

It retails at USD26 (~S$35.40). 

Glitter gel 

If shimmery eyeshadows and highlighter are not bling enough for you, these glitter gels might just do the trick. 

Suitable on your eyes, face and body, the glitter gel is water-based ‒ meaning no sticky finish that might cause you to feel grossed out. It is also super-pigmented and leaves you with a hyper-reflective glittery finish. These are the babies you would want to keep for next time when Singapore allows clubbing or IRL music festivals again. 

It retails at USD22 (~S$29.90). 

Makeup Junkies & Marvel Fans Will Enjoy The Eternals x Urban Decay Makeup Collection 

Marvel’s The Eternals x Urban Decay makeup collection will be available on the official websites of Urban Decay and Sephora starting from 1 October 2021. However, they will only be available for those living in the U.S and Canada for now. For those who are keen on getting them, you might want to look for freight forwarders that ship to Singapore. 

All images courtesy of Urban Decay

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