The Singapore Mint x Sanrio

It’s only the third week of January, and Sanrio fans have already been blessed with numerous Hello Kitty collaborations with McDonald’s, Crocs, and Anothersole. Adding to this list, The Singapore Mint has released exclusive medallions, charms, and ingots to welcome the Year of the Dragon. 

The medallions

The Singapore Mint x Sanrio

Medallions are excellent gift choices no matter the occasion. In case you’re struggling to find something suitable for a friend or family member, consider getting the Hello Kitty medallions from The Singapore Mint. 

What’s so special about these medallions is that they are plated in 24K gold, and feature an adorable motif of Hello Kitty dressed up in different zodiac animal costumes. 

Each medallion is approximately 38.7mm, and greets you with a common reverse design on the back, featuring the Chinese character fu for extra luck. Upon closer inspection, you’ll also notice that the Chinese character is surrounded by the embossings of Hello Kitty in various zodiac animal outfits. 

As a cherry on top, each medallion comes in a festive pack that includes a greeting card, a sticker pack, and a red envelope. If you’re bringing home all 12 medallions, they are packed in a premium gift box with the aforementioned additions. 

Each Hello Kitty medallion retails at $26, and a box of 12 retails at $288. 

Other collectibles

Apart from the medallions, The Singapore Mint offers Sanrio Gold Foil Charm Bags, featuring Hello Kitty and My Melody. The Hello Kitty design comes in purple, symbolising luck and success, while the My Melody charm is adorned in pink, ideal for attracting good fortune. 

For these charms to “work”, hang them close to you, such as on your bag and wallet. 

Each Sanrio Gold Foil Charm Bag retails at $35. 

Up for grabs are also The Singapore Mint’s exclusive Hello Kitty and My Melody Gold-Plated Ingots as alternatives for additional luck and success. The ingots showcase the characters dressed in classic Japanese kimonos, and are displayed against a floral-themed card. 

Each Sanrio Gold-Plated Ingot retails at $35. 

The Singapore Mint x Sanrio

Whether you see the Sanrio 24K Gold Foil Frames as adorable collectibles or consider them lucky pieces to have in your house, they are no doubt one-of-a-kind. They are available also in Hello Kitty and My Melody designs, adding a dose of cuteness to your living space. 

Each Sanrio 24K Gold Foil Frame retails at $40. 

Add The Singapore Mint Sanrio Medallions & Charms To Your Collection For Extra Huat 

With the Year of the Dragon approaching soon, spruce up your living space with lucky charms and adorable Sanrio medallions from The Singapore Mint. They are available for purchase online on Shopee and Lazada

More information can also be found on The Singapore Mint’s Instagram and Facebook

All images courtesy of The Singapore Mint

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