THEFACESHOP Singapore x Grace Ciao

THEFACESHOP Singapore has collaborated with Singaporean female artist Grace Ciao on a limited-edition collection. The end results are so pretty, you’ll want to keep the skincare products on your vanity as decor items even after the bottles are empty.

Grace Ciao is best known for her beautiful watercolour illustrations of women and flowers. The local fashion illustrator has worked with international clients from Chanel to Dior and Fendi. Now, you can own a piece of her art too, thanks to THEFACESHOP Singapore. There are 2 different sets available, both featuring items from the K-beauty brand’s Yehwadam anti-ageing skincare range.

Revitalizing Serum Set


First up is THEFACESHOP Yehwadam x Grace Ciao Revitalizing Serum Set, $85. Both the box and the bottle itself are adorned with an image of Grace’s signature flower girls, whom she has termed “Bloom Belles”. In a meta moment, she’s holding the bottle in her hands while wearing a pink dress with a skirt made out of peony flowers and stiletto heels. On the box, cascading petals billow around her while the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands lie in the background.


The star of set is the 75ml Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum, which comes in a metallic pink ombre bottle. K-beauty aficionados would be familiar with the benefits of Korean ginseng when it comes to skincare products.

The serum itself contains Gyu-Hwa-Bang, which is a blend of Korean ginseng, safflower and goji berry. Lotus flower extract and honeysuckle flower extract also work to soothe the skin as well as remove puffiness and redness.  

The remaining items in the set are decked out in equally pretty peach packaging. They include the Yehwadam Revitalizing Toner (32ml), Yehwadam Revitalizing Eye Cream (8ml) and Yehwadam Revitalizing Cream (10ml).

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First Treatment Serum Special Set


THEFACESHOP Yehwadam x Grace Ciao First Serum Set, $65, consists of the Yehwadam First Treatment Serum (140ml) and Yehwadam Cleansing Foam (50ml). The illustration on the box and bottle are similar to the first set.

Once again, the key ingredient of the Yehwadam First Treatment Serum is Gyu-Hwa-Bang. This anti-ageing serum also contains water lily for added moisture and pine tree leaf, which allows your skin to better absorb the nutrients to come from the rest of your Korean skincare routine.

The Yehwadam Cleansing Foam comes in a complementary pink-and-white tube, which is almost the inverse of the First Treatment Serum bottle.

TheFaceShop Singapore x Grace Ciao 

Dress up your makeup dressing table with the limited-edition sets from THEFACESHOP Yehwadam x Grace Ciao collection. They are now available on THEFACESHOP’s online store and retail stores.

All images courtesy of THEFACESHOP.

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