Titus Low & Cheryl Chin Timeline

Besides queuing up for the opening of a brand new Don Don Donki outlet and loving a good lobang, another Singaporean trait that many of us can relate to how kaypoh we are about the lives of local celebrities and influencers. With the latest news of Titus Low and Cheryl Chin getting a divorce, Singaporeans are now itching to find out more about the two online personalities. 

Here’s a breakdown of their relationship timeline for you to better understand their whirlwind romance. 

May 2022 ‒ Getting to know each other

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Before diving into the juicy deets about Titus and Cheryl’s relationship, here’s a quick introduction of the two. Titus is a former OnlyFans creator and budding DJ, while Cheryl is a Malaysian influencer, who has also dabbled in being a singer. 

The two got to know each other at influencers Jianhao Tan and Debbie Soon’s third wedding anniversary celebration, and they hit it off pretty well on their first meeting. Building on the chemistry they had, Titus asked Cheryl out on a first date to a dog cafe. 

After that first meeting, they saw each other every day for the next few days, before Titus decided to take things a lil’ more seriously. 

June 2022 ‒ Titus asked Cheryl to be his girlfriend


A fortnight after their first date, Titus asked Cheryl to be his girlfriend. Six hours after they became an official couple, Titus proposed to Cheryl while having supper at a hotpot place with their friends. 

According to a YouTube video, the pair mentioned that the proposal was “random and spontaneous”.  

June 2022 ‒ Engagement party

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With the engagement in place, Titus then went all out to plan an engagement party in less than 24 hours, with the help of Jianhao Tan and Debbie Soon. They sourced an engagement ring from Tiffany & Co., booked a venue, and even rented a wedding gown to surprise Cheryl with. 

The party was a success, and both Titus and Cheryl celebrated the joyous occasion in the presence of their close friends. 

September 2022 ‒ Announced pregnancy

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If their speedy romance hadn’t already caused a hoo-ha in Singapore, the couple announced their pregnancy three months later, in September 2022. Cheryl uploaded a photo of an ultrasound on Instagram, hinting that she was pregnant with Titus’ child.   

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October 2022 ‒ Titus Low’s incident with MsPuiyi


However, things took a nasty turn when Malaysian influencer MsPuiyi uploaded a steamy TikTok video of herself with Titus Low. Titus was seen suggestively caressing MsPuiyi’s chin, with MsPuiyi leaning backwards on Titus’ chest. 

Although the video was only eight seconds long, the damage was done. 

It received mixed reactions from many TikTok users, considering how Titus was not only married, but also a soon-to-be father. Eventually, the then 4-months-pregnant Cheryl also saw the TikTok video, and left a comment which is now deleted. While she understood that the video was for the purpose of creating content, she felt that there should have been some sort of boundary between the two. 

Not long after, Cheryl made a new TikTok video, clarifying that the trio had cleared any misunderstandings, and mentioned that she should’ve handled things differently and privately. 

November 2022 ‒ Gender reveal party

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After returning from his 3-week prison stint for breaching police order and transmitting obscene materials on his OnlyFans account, Titus threw a gender reveal party with Cheryl, and invited friends and family to be part of the special occasion. The milestone became even more memorable for the couple when they learned that they would be expecting a baby girl. 

According to this YouTube video, Cheryl has always wanted to have a daughter.      

March 2023 ‒ Cheryl gave birth to Elleria


At 37 weeks pregnant, Cheryl gave birth to her daughter Elleria via C-section on 8 March 2023 at Thomson Medical Centre. They documented the whole process on video, and Titus was seen teasing Cheryl when he showed the camera a video of herself saying that she was very high from the anesthesia. 

The video then transitioned to the moment when the couple welcomed the birth of their daughter. Awww

Interested folks can watch the full video here

November 2023 ‒ Divorce announcement 

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Approximately 8 months after the birth of their daughter, Titus and Cheryl announced their divorce. Both of them shared an update on their respective Instagram accounts and highlighted that despite the end of their relationship, they will still be co-parenting Elleria. 

While they didn’t reveal the reason behind their split, followers have been wishing them all the best, and hoping that they will still provide a loving environment for Elleria to grow up in. 

Titus Low & Cheryl Chin Were Together For Only 1.5 Years

The relationship between Titus Low and Cheryl Chin shows that many things can happen in a short amount of time. Despite their short-lived marriage, they appear to have truly loved each other, and as kaypoh Singaporeans, we can only wish them all the best. 

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