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From vanity tables to wedding gowns, Taobao is a household name even your mother would shop from.

But with endless products to scroll through, it’s easy to ‘burst’ your 4G data. Hence, Taobao’s sister site Tmall streamlines the process and features popular items based on their quality and positive reviews by overseas shoppers.

If you’re a professional keyboard warrior, get your fastest fingers ready for their September 2018 sale.

For those who can’t Chinese, we first recommend signing up for an account via our step-by-step English Taobao guide.

Sale mechanics

From now till 22 September 2018, Tmall has three main promotions: free shipping, RMB1.1 (~S$0.22) flash deals, and up to RMB800 (~S$160) off vouchers.

1. Free shipping

From exercise machines to a six-piece dining set, ship bulky items to your home for free. The items will arrive in about 30 to 45 working days.

Terms and conditions:
– Don’t bundle with other non-sale items to checkout.
– Should there be issues at the customs, please respond promptly to ensure a smooth delivery.
– Only manufacturer defects are eligible for refunds.

2. Flash Deals (RMB1.1)

Camp at the Tmall website at 10.00am and 6.00pm daily, as that’s when they release the flash deal items in limited stock.


You’ll be able to check out the current promotions available, and what products are up for grabs during the next time slot for deals.

3. Score vouchers (Up to RMB800)

For selected electric appliances, get 10% off for every minimum spend of RMB2000, RMB3000, and RMB5000 (e.g. RMB500 off for every RMB5000 you spend).

For selected home furniture items, get 10% off for every minimum spend of RMB300, RMB1000, RMB3000, RMB5000, or RMB8000.

You can max out your savings when you download and redeem vouchers found exclusive on the Taobao mobile app.

Logging in daily entitles you to receive up to RMB150 (~S$30) in vouchers. New users will also get RMB20 (~S$4) off their first purchase.

Items under S$15

Mini desk


This mini desk will be your best friend for the off days you want to enjoy breakfast in bed or just binge watch your favourite shows on Netflix. Its foldable legs allows it to stow away nicely, saving storage space.

It costs RMB59 (~S$12).

Stone soap holder


Replace your old plastic soap cases with these pastel holders for bottled and bar soaps. Made from porous stone, they can also drain water from washed utensils without encouraging fungal growth.

Each piece costs RMB45 (~$S9).

LED desk lamp


This sleek, foldable desk lamp is a space-saving design for RMB59 (~S$12). The lamp’s adjustable brightness allows it to be strong enough to illuminate your entire table or serve as a muted reading night light.

Waterproof bag


You’ve probably seen these waterproof bags being used by athletes to keep their valuables dry. Not only are they useful for those who do water sports, but also prevent your items from getting ruined by rain should the unpredictable Singaporean weather catch you by surprise.

5L capacity for RMB39 (~S$8).
10L capacity for RMB49 (~S$10).

Finer picks for the home

Bedroom shelves and bed frames


One easy way to upgrade your room is to replace old bedside drawers and chests in pale birch and stained oak colours. Easy-to-match wood furniture gives a simple elegance to your room.

If you’re going for a complete makeover, opt for a white bed frame. Pairing light-toned furniture can make small rooms bigger by creating a bright, airy space.

Electronic appliances

Xiaomi Air Purifier (left), Xiaomi Cleaning Robot (right)

Source, Source

If your window faces a road or you have dust allergies, you can get a Xiaomi air purifier to keep the air clean at RMB1499 (~S$319).

Pair it with the Xiaomi cleaning robot at RMB1749 (~S$349). These machines will make your room a dust-free environment with the click of a button.



Instantly jazz up your space by selecting a coloured sofa like this teal couch RMB1918 (~S$383). It can also double up as a guest bed for friends to crash on.

Storage bed


If you have a small room but still want a queen-sized bed, make efficient use of your space with this functional and stylish storage bed going for RMB4599 (~S$919).

Study desks


And if you’re one to bring your work home, choose to separate your work and living areas by getting a stylish desk set at RMB2759 (~S$551).

Tmall Flash Sale

With Tmall’s flash sale, you can accomplish your #bedroomgoals with a few clicks of the mouse.

Happy shopping!

This post was brought to you by Tmall.

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