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Traits Singaporean Girls Notice On A Date

Through growing up, graduating and finding new jobs, there’s also an unspoken major factor when it comes to adulting — dating. Especially with dating apps on the rise during this pandemic, there’s a lot of expectations when it comes to meeting someone IRL for the first time. 

We asked five girls in Singapore to share with us what traits they notice first about someone while on a date, such as hairstyle, having a nice smile and even the ability to carry a conversation. For those who are eagerly preparing to go on a date soon, perhaps you can also pick up a few tips on how to impress your date.

1. “I usually notice my date’s hair first because a hairstyle can make or break a person”

Image courtesy of Jou Teng 

“Before I got attached, guys that I talked to were mainly from dating apps. I’m the kind of person who prefers chill dates like going out for a meal or attending interesting events.

I usually notice my date’s hair first because a hairstyle can make or break a person. It shows how much effort you spend into making yourself look good, which translates to how interested you are in making the date succeed.

Expectations should be set as well. There was once where someone told me he was looking for a casual relationship and asked if I was the same too. I’m glad he told me straight away so that he didn’t waste both of our time.”

Advice for others who are preparing for a first date: “Put effort into your appearance so that your date will know that you are serious. Don’t be stressed and just be yourself!” 

— Jou Teng, 28

2. “How they present themselves matter, like the way they dress and their style”

Hazirah and her boyfriend
Image courtesy of Hazirah

“I’m currently attached to my boyfriend of 3 years. In general, the first thing I notice about someone while on a date is their appearance. More specifically, it matters how they present themselves, like the way they dress and their overall style. 

Your choice of clothing says a lot about who you are as a person. I do pay attention to this feature for myself as well. Hence, I always try to look my best on dates. Even after 3 years with my current boyfriend, we have made it a habit to compliment each other’s outfits and appreciate each other’s efforts.

I would be more inclined to go on a second date if I’m impressed by their effort to look good. I think what you can at least expect on a date is to have good conversations, feel comfortable with them and they don’t have any of your turn-offs.” 

Advice for others who are preparing for a first date: “It’s best to find out about each other in person and pay attention to their body language.”

— Hazirah, 20

3. “I’ll give bonus points if he has a nice smile”

Image courtesy of Erica

“I go on proper full-day or half-day dates with my boyfriend at least once a month. I enjoy doing fun activities or exploring new things together. 

The first thing that I notice about someone is their smile — I’ll give bonus points if he has a nice smile. This is applicable to myself too, so I will make sure I have my lipstick or tinted lip balm on. 

Overall, I will still have to see if the guy has any red flags, such as smoking or being overly flirty with girls. But it’s definitely a turn off if he has bad breath or was very late for the date with no legitimate reason. 

Personally, I won’t go on a date if I just want to have fun or have no intentions of getting into a serious relationship. If possible, I would love for this to be clear on the first date — I wouldn’t want to waste time since I am already 25 years old.” 

Advice for others who are preparing for a first date: “Come early, dress well, look tidy and bring out your best smile.”

— Erica, 25

4. “Eyes are the most unique part of someone’s body”

Image courtesy of Syuhada

The first thing I notice is someone’s eyes. Since I was young, I have loved looking at people’s eyes. I think it’s the most unique part of someone’s body, and very telling of who they are as a person. 

It is important if my date looks into my eyes or in my direction during the date. When my date looks around or has his eyes not focused towards me, I assume that he may not be interested. I also tend to put on a little more effort in my eye makeup and contact lens options.

Punctuality is very important to me — I have waited 1 to 2 hours for my dates before. I won’t ever do it again, but it baffles me whenever I think back to those times.” 

Advice for others who are preparing for a first date: “Go out of your way for the person you are meeting. Regardless of your own agenda for the date, be the bigger person.”

— Syuhada, 25

5. “Good oral hygiene, charisma and ability to carry a conversation are plus points”

Image courtesy of Chie

“I don’t go on dates very often, probably once every 2 months. My ideal date is having a good meal together and doing something fun.

To me, good oral hygiene, charisma and ability to carry a conversation are plus points for dates. I also feel that a person’s smile and eyes are the most attractive part, especially since a bright smile makes you look better and cleaner. 

Physical attraction is equally as important as their personality traits, playing a part in sustaining a relationship as well. Of course, it is also important to reflect on yourself and the expectations you have on others. 

For people who are in their mid 20s, most of them are likely to be searching for a partner that they can settle down with. They may also be unwilling to go through multiple dates just to test the waters, resulting in higher first-date expectations.”

Advice for others who are preparing for a first date: “Bring a mint, spray perfume and dress up well.”

— Chie, 24

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Traits Girls Notice

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Traits Girls Notice
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Traits Girls Notice
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Responses have been edited for brevity and clarity.
Cover images courtesy of interviewees.
Photography by Tasha Sun.
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