Trash Bag Sofa

In our ever-evolving era of eccentric style and design, anything is possible. But if you thought fashion trash bags were strange enough, there is now a trash bag sofa made by Russian designer Harry Nuriev – try not to feel like trash yourself when lying on it. 

The design

trash bag sofa pile

Made by stitching 15 trash bags together, you probably won’t be able to guess it’s a sofa due to its resemblance to the real ones under our HDB blocks. Don’t worry – there’s no actual trash inside. The bags are stuffed with foam, giving that cushy yet firm design. 

trash bag sofa close up

Similar to the usual trash bag, the couch has a glossy finish, making the whole thing look like the result after a wild party 

However, the trash bags are made out of leather – making it a pretty fancy resting furniture. Positioned in a way that each “bag” looks sorted and ready to head to the dumpster, let’s hope no collector is mistaken when they’re making their morning rounds. 

This Trash Bag Sofa Shows That Nothing Is As What It May Seem 

This innovative piece of furniture may be just what we need to actively remember not to judge a book by its cover. If you’re interested in seeing more of Harry Nuriev’s works, check out his Instagram profile. While the sofa has yet to go on sale, hopefully it becomes purchasable in the near future. 

All images courtesy of Harry Nuriev

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