True Beauty Hand Creams

The last episode of True Beauty, a romance K-drama based on a webtoon, just aired. The drama revolves around Im Ju Kyung, a victim of bullying who picks up makeup skills to give herself a glow-up. She finds herself caught in a love triangle with the 2 male leads, Lee Su Ho and Han Seo Jun.

It seems fans aren’t ready to let go of the show. From the Swarovski necklace that Su Ho bought for Ju Kyung to Ju Kyung’s Colorgram lipstick, fans have been placing their orders to get their hands on the items that were featured in the drama. 

Besides existing products that appeared on the show, True Beauty has also collaborated with W.Dressroom to launch a line of hand creams. For those who are unfamiliar with W.Dressroom, it is a Korean fragrance brand that K-celebs such as BTS’ Jungkook, NCT’s Jaemin and Kang Daniel have been seen using.

The hand creams

suho true beauty wdressroom handcream


Sweet Moment is inspired by Lee Su Ho, a name befitting the male lead’s sweet character. Not only will the cream keep your hands moisturised, it is also easy on the nose. Infused with notes of orange, bergamot, rose and musk, this is perfect for #teamsuho fans who like citrusy scents. 

jukyung true beauty wdressroom handcream


Pure Blossom, Im Ju Kyung’s hand cream, comes in soft peach packaging that gives off her uwu girl vibes. When you apply the cream on your hands, you’ll be greeted by the fresh floral fragrance from the roses, green leaf and orange blossom in it. 

seojun true beauty wdressroom handcream


After Han Ji Pyeong from Start-Up, we now have a new second lead to make all of our hearts ache: Han Seo Jun. Chic Earthy contains bergamot, orange, jasmine and peppermint. Clean and refreshing, this would probably be how Seo Jun would smell like IRL.

These True Beauty Hand Creams Are For Fans Who Are Missing The K-Drama Already

While the drama has ended, you can still tune in to the ongoing webtoon, which has new chapters out every week. Or, get these True Beauty x W.Dressroom hand creams, so you can bring your favourite character everywhere with you. If you cannot decide whether you’re on #teamsuho or #teamseojun, just nab the Su Ho and Seo Jun set. You can get the individual hand creams and set on Gmarket Global’s website for $7.24 each and $12.17 respectively. The prices are exclusive of shipping fees, which start from $13. 

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