Crash Landing On You Candles

Crash Landing On You brought us many heart-fluttering moments. One of the most iconic scenes was when Captain Ri looks for Yoon Se Ri in a crowded market while holding up her favourite scented candle. Now, you can purchase the exact same candle and recreate the scene with bae. 

Soohyang, a Seoul-based home fragrance line, collaborated with the hit K-drama to create the LEELEE collection that was featured in the show. While it may not be the case, the word “LEELEE” could be the romanised version of  “RiRi”, which is the ship name for Captain Ri and Yoon Se Ri.

crash-landing-on-you-candlesCaptain Ri holding up a LEELEE candle

Prices for the items in this line range from 25,000 won (~S$28.79) to 75,000 won (~S$86.39). They are available for purchase on Soohyang’s website.

Yoon Se Ri-inspired fragrances


Soohyang’s Yoon Se Ri fragrances are inspired by how Yoon Se Ri fights off her fate to get what she wants.

The LEELEE Se Ri Candle (200g) comes in an elegant purple box. It bears the word  “LEELEE”  and an intricate design in purple, with the Soohyang logo in gold lettering.


And yes—the candle is scented. To be exact, it’s a mix of pink grapefruit, iris and neroli.

se ri diffuserSource

If you’re not a candle person, the LEELEE Se Ri Diffuser lets your room become a stress-relieving oasis. The diffuser set includes a refill bottle and an empty brown bottle for you to pour the liquid into.

se ri wax tabletSource

Hang the LEELEE Se Ri Wax Tablet anywhere from your closet to your car for a special treat.


Now you can rewatch CLOY while basking in the scent of your new LEELEE fragrances as Son Ye Jin did in the drama.

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Captain Ri-inspired fragrances


The Ri Jung Hyuk series of fragrances are inspired by the love between the 2 star-crossed lovers.

jung hyuk candleSource

Soohyang’s LEELEE Jung Hyuk Candle is a mix of jasmine, cypress and other scents that will bring you back to the Switzerland scenes in CLOY.

junghyuk diffuserSource

Like other products in the Ri Jung Hyuk series, the LEELEE Jung Hyuk diffuser is decorated with green motifs for a clean look.

junghyuk wax tabletSource

The LEELEE Jung Hyuk Wax Tablet features Soohyang’s slogan, Life is better when you smell nice, as an embossing on the tablet itself.

Crash Landing On You Candles For The Hopeless Romantic

Hopefully, Soohyang’s Crash Landing On You candles and fragrances will ease your longing for a CLOY-like romance.


Soohyang also ships internationally, so you can rest assured that your fragrances will be delivered to you no matter where you are.

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