UNIQLO Disney Sketchbook Collection

With 2022 coming to a close, it’s time for us to sit back and catch up on movies. Or, you could even throw it back to films from our childhood era – like the years of Disney animated films and wanting to be a Disney princess ourselves. UNIQLO’s new Disney collection will let you reminisce this feeling, while capturing some fan-favourite characters in sketchbook form. 

The collection

uniqlo disney sketchbook collection bambi shirt

It’s hard to go wrong with pink. An all-time favourite colour, this sweet pink tee has a design of Bambi and Thumper playing with three birds. 

Looking like it came straight out of a sketchbook, the design has been artfully sketched and drawn to capture the lines and edges of the animals. 

uniqlo disney sketchbook collection 101 dalmatians shirt

The popular 101 Dalmatians can’t be forgotten either. Coming in white, the front of the tee has a simple design on the left pocket, which reads “101% fun”, while the back has an elaborate sketch design of many of the different dalmatians. 

There is even a baby dalmatian sitting atop another dalmatian’s head. Above the design has the iconic Disney and 101 Dalmatians logos. Animal-lovers will likely go crazy for this design, since it’s definitely cuteness overload. 

uniqlo disney sketchbook collection lady and the tramp shirt

Everyone knows the iconic spaghetti kiss scene from Lady and the Tramp – this purple tee gives homage to the two lovebirds. 

Emblazoned across the shirt reads “a tail of love”, with the two sketched main characters looking lovingly at each other, and their litter of puppies playing around them —  a true love story we all aspire to have.

uniqlo disney sketchbook collection tinkerbell shirt

A little bit of pixie dust will make you fly, especially when you’re soaring into a dreamland of your own. 

Add a touch of magic to your rest with this white tee, featuring Tinkerbell sitting atop the words “just be yourself”.

The UNIQLO Disney Sketchbook Collection Will Bring Out Your Inner Magical Childlike Self 

When it comes to fairy tales, no one is ever too old for them. Relive your childhood memories with this collection – it’s timeless and brings you right back to the age where these characters broadened our imaginations. 

Each shirt retails at $19.90 and will be available for purchase on UNIQLO’s website and in stores from 30 December 2022. 

All images courtesy of UNIQLO

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