Here’s the thing about being POP MART collectors ‒ we rarely have the chance to express our love for our favourite characters unless we bring the figurines out. 

Now, UNIQLO is dropping a new POP MART Dimoo World UT Collection, allowing you to literally wear your love, and giving you a chance to redeem an exclusive Dimoo figurine to expand your growing collection.

The T-shirts

If you’re into cutesy POP MART figurines, you might be familiar with the Dimoo World series. This UNIQLO collection invites you into the Dimoo World of Animal Kingdom, featuring illustrations of the Dimoo forging friendships with adorable baby animals like unicorns, pandas, and raccoons. 

Unicorns are mystical creatures that most of us have only read about in books, but Dimoo befriends one of them, as illustrated on this white T-shirt. He holds a cloud puff, standing in front of a unicorn. 

Most raccoons are attracted to fruits, so it’s not surprising that you find one beside Dimoo, who is holding an apple with both hands, on this black T-shirt. It seems as if the baby animal is hoping that Dimoo will offer it the fruit. 

When we hang out with friends, we tend to look for activities that strengthen our bond. Similarly, Dimoo decides to have a doodling sesh using crayons with his animal friends, as shown on this pink T-shirt. The illustration features them gathered in a circle, showcasing their creative sides by doodling on the floor. 

If your wardrobe aesthetic consists of mainly monochromes, add colour with this pastel green T-shirt that features Dimoo with bunnies. You can spot one above his head, and another between his arms. 


Unlike the aforementioned designs, this black T-shirt features Dimoo on the front and back. You’ll find a chibi version of Dimoo wearing a dragon hat on the front, and a larger illustration of him on the back that showcases his full outfit. 

It’s been a while since we bid farewell to Le Le, and if you’re missing the baby panda, you can get the best of both worlds with this cream T-shirt. It showcases two baby pandas wearing bibs on the front, and Dimoo in a green and black outfit on the back. 

Each T-shirt retails at $19.90.

The figurine

UNIQLO POP MART Dimoo WorldThe exclusive figurine features Dimoo resting against a unicorn

To stand a chance to redeem the exclusive Dimoo figurine, all you have to do is purchase any two T-shirts from the POP MART Dimoo World UT collection from 22 April to 1 May 2024 at the Orchard Central Global Flagship Store. As a tip to score an additional chance at winning, you can show the staff your POP MART membership with a purchase from POP MART in April 2024. 

Note that only 20 figurines are available for redemption daily, so be sure to head down early before they all run out. 

Redeem A Free POP MART Figurine When You Purchase The UNIQLO POP MART Dimoo World UT Collection

The new UNIQLO POP MART Dimoo World UT collection is a great way for POP MART lovers to express themselves, and they are available for purchase at all outlets and online from 22 April 2024. More information can be found on UNIQLO’s official website

All images courtesy of UNIQLO

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