UNIQLO x Sanrio Characters 

After releasing the concert-themed UNIQLO x Sanrio UT collection in July 2020, UNIQLO is back with another series featuring your favourite Sanrio characters.

This time, the Japanese casual wear brand has introduced a line that takes you through a relatable day in the life of characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody and Pompompurin. There are styles for both women and girls in different designs to match their different lifestyles.


uniqlo x sanrio hello kitty


Starting off the collection is a pink graphic tee with Hello Kitty as the main star of the shirt. Just like how we enjoy scrolling through apps like Twitter and Instagram on our phones, Hello Kitty does the same too. Her “feed” includes her #OOTD shots and pictures of her pet, similar to most social media influencers.

The design is meant to resemble a social media page. It looks quite similar to Instagram’s layout, although it does have little details replaced to fit the Sanrio theme. The shopping bag and profile picture display that usually sit at the bottom of the page have been replaced by Hello Kitty’s bow and silhouette.

my melody womens' shirt


As you wake up and start your morning routine, My Melody will get ready for the day with you with this lilac graphic tee. While you get dressed to head out in this adorable shirt, My Melody will be applying blush on her cheeks to tag along with you on your day out. 

uniqlo x sanrio caracters cafe shirt


The Sanrio characters are known to be close friends who hang out often. You’ll catch them meeting up at their favourite cafe to eat together on this simple white graphic tee. If you can’t choose between Hello Kitty and My Melody, you can have them both on the same shirt. They will even be accompanied by characters like the Little Twin Stars and Cinnamoroll. 

uniqlo x sanrio characters gudetama and cinnamoroll

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For fans of Gudetama who enjoy sleeping in as much as the lazy egg, there is a white graphic tee just for you. Wear this shirt to sleep so whoever tries to wake you up in the morning or from your midday nap knows that you’d like 5 more minutes of rest.

If you’d like a shirt to reflect what you do on your day off, the Cinnamoroll shirt would be the perfect fit. The white puppy has her headband on and a bag of popcorn to munch on while she looks through her phone, something we might all enjoy when we’re taking a break.

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uniqlo pompompurin


The women’s collection shows Hello Kitty and friends doing things we enjoy. This includes going to cafes with friends and spending time online. But, the girls’ collection has the characters living a different life. Between going to school and reading, the Sanrio characters also make time for themselves. Some of the shirts for the girls even feature characters that are not included in the women’s line.

A character not seen in the adult’s section but makes an appearance here is Pompompurin. The golden retriever pup is spotted in front of a school bus. You can find his friends like Muffin the hamster and Scone the mouse already on board the bus. 

hello kitty girls' shirt


Instead of posting on social media, Hello Kitty poses in front of a drink filled with hearts in this coral graphic tee for kids. The cartoon cat is seen relaxing, without caring about what time it is, reminding kids that it’s okay to take a break from studying to chill and unwind. 

uniqlo x sanrio characters grid girls' shirt


For the group ensemble shirt in the girl’s collection, the Sanrio characters are arranged in a 9-grid pattern. The characters are diligently reading books, encouraging kids to do the same. Kuromi and Pompompurin show up in this design. They take the place of Patty and Jimmy from the cafe shirt in the women’s collection.

UNIQLO x Sanrio’s A Day In My Life UT Collection Has Styles For Both Adults And Kids

For some of us, our day off involves putting on makeup, scrolling through social media or even just relaxing. The UNIQLO x Sanrio A Day In My Life UT Collection has a shirt with your favourite characters for all the things you like to do.

Both the women’s and girl’s lines are available on UNIQLO Singapore’s website with prices ranging from $9.90 to $14.90.

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