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We’ve seen artist Nicole McLaughlin turn Nike caps into a top and IKEA’s FRAKTA bag into sandals. But most of us haven’t gone beyond marvelling at her creative genius to actually recreating some of her works. Now you just might be able to do some upcycling of your own, thanks to @camera60studio. The Italian couple recently posted a tutorial on its website, so that you can try making your own upcycled handbags at home.

The designs

Matteo Bastiani and Chiara Rivituso are the couple behind Camera60. Fashion lovers will immediately be able to recognise the iconic designs they’ve modelled their upcycled handbags after. These range from Dior’s Saddle Bag to Balenciaga’s Bazar bag, all made using packaging from household brands like McDonald’s and Nike.

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For their first project in 2018, the coupled used Tesco plastic shopping bags to recreate Balenciaga’s Bazar bag. Not only did they nail the shape, the colours of the Tesco bags also matched those of the original Balenciaga bag.

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Fendi’s Baguette bag was a mega hit in the ’90s, and it’s made a comeback in recent years. Camera60 recreated everything down to the smallest detail with McDonald’s packaging. The paper bag used to store takeaway orders was made into the strap and body. They even used the “M” logo from a box of fries in place of the “F” logo on the handle.

upcycled-handbags-dior-saddleSource, source

Dior’s Mini Saddle Bag is another ’90s icon that has come back into favour. The couple used Nike shoeboxes to make this upcycled handbag. Again, it all boils down to the little details, like the Nike tick in place of the “D” for Dior dangling from the bag.

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Those who can’t live without their coffee and their Gucci will appreciate this take on Gucci’s GG Marmont bag.

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DIY tutorials and templates

If you were looking at the designs above and thinking, “Hey I could do that!” Put your thoughts into action with Camera60’s tutorial and templates.


Currently, they’ve uploaded printable templates for Dior’s Mini Saddle Bag and Hermès’ Kelly Neck Bag. Their Instagram posts usually also include videos of the DIY process so you can see them in action. Print out the templates, then use whatever packaging you have lying around at home to make your own upcycled handbags too.

DIY Your Own Upcycled Handbags Using Packaging At Home

Take your sustainable lifestyle one step further by recreating Camera60’s upcycled handbags. They will make for a fun and wholesome weekend craft project, especially for those who are still wary of heading out too often during Phase 2.

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