Urban Company Private Nail Salon

We’ve all heard horror stories about nail salons closing down without warning, leaving customers with hundreds of dollars worth of unused credits. While we hope that such misfortune will never happen to us, there is a safer way to get your nails groomed professionally and privately without the fear of getting scammed. 

Enter Urban Company private nail salon, a mani-pedi mobile service that comes straight to your doorstep with no hard selling or delivery charges. 

The nail salon

Urban Company Private Nail Salon

For busy bees who work a standard 9 to 6, you’d understand how hard it is to find nail salons that operate till late at night. Instead of scheduling your commitments around a nail pampering sesh, Urban Company offers mani-pedi services with appointments daily from 9am to 8pm

Since the professionals from Urban Company will make their way to your house, you won’t have to deal with Singapore’s erratic weather. Plus, homebodies would also appreciate the chance to groom their nails by experts in the comfort of their homes. 

Stay-at-home mums can heave a bigger sigh of relief, since the service lets them watch over the kids at the same time. 

Urban Company has more than 50 shades from O.P.I. and 60 shades for gel nails

With over 100 shades to choose from, Urban Company provides mani-pedi bundles from $69, nail art designs, add-on massages, and nail treatments for both adults and kids. 

Since all these services are carried out by vetted and experienced nail professionals, rest assured that you’re in good hands – literally. 

Urban Company Private Nail Salon

You don’t have to prepare anything prior to getting your nails done ‒ the professional heading down will come fully equipped with all the necessary tools such as a gel lamp and spa kit. 

After all, it is a self-care session, so you only need to sit back and relax. 

Urban Company Private Nail Salon

What’s additionally amazing about the brand is that, unlike standard nail salons with other customers, you can jio your bestie for a mani-pedi get-together while catching up in your own private setting.  

Urban Company Private Nail Salon

As a cherry on top, they also do not hard sell any packages ‒ a common nail salon ick. They only provide the service that you requested, and are dedicated to offering a pampering session. 

Compared to manicurists at nail salons who rush through jobs to serve multiple customers, the experts from Urban Company focus solely on you for a proper self-care experience.

Urban Company Private Nail Salon

If this sounds like the perfect solution for you to unwind amidst a busy schedule, you can make a booking via their mobile app

The mobile app provides an instant view of their availability and sends an immediate confirmation once you book a slot. This is excellent for urgent appointments since customers are able to get a service as early as two hours from the time of booking. For example, open the app at 1.45pm and you’d be able to view 4pm as the next earliest available time slot. 

Get Your Nails Done By Experts From Urban Company In The Comfort Of Your Home 

Rather than rushing after work to get your mani and pedi, you can now make use of the service by Urban Company at home. 

Fun fact: Urban Company also provides home cleaning, aircon servicing, and women’s facial and massage services. For more information about these extra services, visit Urban Company’s official website and Instagram.

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