Vans x Haribo

If you were a glutton of snacks and sweets in your childhood days, you would be familiar with  gummy bear brand Haribo. With multiple collaborations under their belt such as Baby-G and Puma, their sugar kick continues with the new Vans and Haribo collab, giving us four new sneakers and brand-inspired merchandise. 


vans haribo yellow shoe

Starting off the collection are these vibrant yellow checkerboard sneakers. Designed and textured with yellow gummy bear patterns, both shoes include the iconic Vans wavy stripe logo, one green and the other red.

The heel of the sneakers even have Haribo’s motto, “kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo!” Coming with three velcro straps, you can use these to adjust the tightness of your shoes as well. The Vans x Haribo Old Skool V in Yellow Checkerboard is offered in both kid and adult sizes.

vans haribo gummy bears shoe

For a pair that has more colour instead of being muted, the beige sneakers are decorated with different-coloured gummy bears. 

Alongside a red handle at the back of the shoes, the red and white laces feature the Haribo and Vans logo respectively. The shoe gives you some height as well with its elevated soles, with a red banner wrapping around the heel.

vans haribo red shoes

This all-red slip-on is perfect if you love the red gummy bear. The front of the shoe has a jelly-like gummy bear patch design, while the back is decorated with four gummy bears, with the Vans logo beneath it. 

The Classic Slip-On in Haribo Goldbears Red is available in kid sizes.

vans haribo gummy shoe

These white slip-ons come decorated with different types of Haribo gummies, such as cherries and cola bottles. With a red handle at the back featuring the Haribo logo, the front of the shoe has a gold checkerboard pattern, injecting the unique Vans personality to the sneakers. The Classic Slip-On in Haribo Goldbears Checkerboard Multi is available in kid sizes only. 

vans haribo black and blue shoe

These sneakers arrive in a black and blue colourway. Decorated with Haribo’s motto in 10 different languages, the Vans x Haribo Sk8-Hi in Haribo Black have adult sizes only. The heels of the shoes feature a singular, colourful gummy bear, with the Vans logo beneath it.


vans haribo red set

Other than shoes, this collection also includes apparel to complete the look. For kids, a full red set is available, with a cap and hoodie. The long-sleeved hoodie features the yellow Goldbear mascot on a checkerboard skateboard, while the inside of the hoodie has a brown checkerboard design with red and green gummies. The Haribo motto is written on the sleeves. 

Additionally, the twill snapback features the same mascot, with the Haribo and Vans logo at the front. Both are available in kid sizes. 

vans haribo blue hoodie

Kids can also opt for the hoodie in blue if they prefer a lighter colour. Featuring Haribo’s mascot in the centre holding a red gummy, the front of the hoodie is decorated with the Vans checkerboard as a background, with the respective logos on the top and bottom. The Vans x Haribo Hoodie in Sky Blue is available in kid and adult sizes. 

Additionally, the same design of this blue hoodie can be found as a T-shirt as well, and is only available in kid sizes. 

vans haribo dark hoodie

Bring out your inner street style with this hoodie in black. This fleece pullover features a pink gummy bear, with the words “off the wall” and “gummy candy” along the sides of the design. With the respective brand logos at the top and bottom, the Vans logo takes a different look with its race car feel in red and blue – perfect for those going for an edgy vibe.

The Vans x Haribo Fleece Pullover in Black is available in adult sizes.

The Vans x Haribo Collection Will Give You An Energy Kick For The Day Ahead

With vibrant gummy bear-inspired colourways and sweet motifs, the Vans x Haribo collection will definitely give you tons of energy to kickstart your day. If you’re interested in purchasing the products, keep a lookout for them as they drop on 6 April 2023 on Vans’ website and at physical stores. FYI, the Vans x Haribo Customs will also be open then as well, with four new designs. 

All images courtesy of Vans USA

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