We Bare Bears EZ-Link Cards

We’re all familiar with EZ-link cards – the trusty must-have in every Singaporean’s  wallet. This card has since become a quintessential item that most of us can’t live without, allowing us to travel around the island with ease.

With World Environment Day falling on 5 June, EZ-Link has created a super kawaii set of designs featuring the 3 We Bare Bears characters.

The designs

We Bare Bears EZ-Link Cards

For a simplistic design, this white EZ-link card features the characters in their bear stack pose, standing on top of a globe. The design is accompanied by the handwritten message which reads “Heal the earth”, in commemoration of World Environment Day 2022.

We Bare Bears EZ-Link Cards

To further highlight the importance of World Environment Day, this other design features the characters walking single-file, each with a reusable shopping bag in hand, or in the case of Ice Bear, on his head to remind you to always practice the 3 Rs.

On Wednesdays we wear pink — you’d probably find this card in Regina George’s Louis Vuitton purse, what with its adorable illustration of the characters riding a bike, against a pink background. The words at the bottom, which reads “Bike for a better planet”, ties in with the message of staying environmentally friendly.

These We Bare Bear EZ-Link Cards Remind You To Protect The Environment

With these new EZ-link cards, you can look forward to your daily commute each day. Each purchase comes with a reusable clear pouch so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it. You can check out the official EZ-Link Shopee website or EZ-Link’s Facebook page for more information.

All images courtesy of EZ-Link.

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