EZ-Link Sanrio Strawberry-Picking Crew

Earlier in April, EZ-Link dropped their first Hello Kitty LED Account-Based card. Now, they are back with new Sanrio card designs, featuring characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Gudetama and more, that add a dose of cuteness to your daily commute. Continue reading on to find out more about these kawaii EZ-Link card designs. 

The designs

ICYMI, Sanrio is home to characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Kuromi, Tuxedo Sam, and Pochacco. 

EZ-Link Sanrio Strawberry-Picking Crew

Calling themselves the Sanrio strawberry-picking crew, these characters can be found on this Account-Based EZ-Link card.

Alongside motifs of strawberries and flowers, each character is either sitting on a fluffy cloud, or floating in the air. If you take a closer look, they each wear either a ribbon or beret that’s coloured like a strawberry too. 

This Account-Based EZ-Link retails at $10, with a $5 load value, and is available for purchase at all TransitLink Ticket Offices.

If you prefer a “savoury” EZ-Link card instead, this one with Gudetama might pique your interest. Featuring different versions of the lazy egg, you’ll find one cheering with a pair of fans in hand, one lying down and waving pom-poms, and another parachuting with half an eggshell. 

Gudetama might be a bum, but it seems like it never runs out of fun things to do. If you happen to need some motivation in life, this EZ-Link card might also cheer you on, reminding you to never give up. 

Available across all EZ-Link vending machines, the Gudetama EZ-Link card retails at $10, with no load value. 

These Sanrio EZ-Link Cards Put A Smile On Your Face When You Tap In And Out

Look forward to your daily commute when you have one of these adorable EZ-Link cards in your hand. Not only will it brighten up your day, but it is also suitable as a practical gift to a Sanrio-loving friend. For more information, visit EZ-Link’s official Facebook.

All images courtesy of EZ-Link

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