Having Children Singapore

If you’re approaching your mid-twenties and are of the female species, you would’ve probably been asked, “When are you having kids?”

While these nosy but well-meaning friends/relatives/parents probably have good intentions, hearing the question one too many times will probably make you want to punch them in the throat.

So to put a stop to them discussing your reproductive capabilities once and for all, we scoured the internet and created a list of comebacks you can use.

1. Turn the question back on them

Annoying person: So are you thinking of having kids?

Me: When are you having more kids?
Me: I’ll have one when you do so they have friends to grow up with.

2. Insult their children

Annoying person: So when are you going to have children?

Me: *puts on my best smile*
Me: I saw yours and decided not to have kids.


3. Explain your childlessness with religion

Annoying person: Heard you and insert-boyfriend’s-name are getting married, when are you all having children?

Also Me: “Only He knows. It is His plan. Psalm 127:3.”

4. Create an uncomfortable situation

Annoying person: You’re not getting younger, when are you having kids?

Me: As soon as I learn how. Do you have any tips?

5. Shift the responsibility to them

Annoying person: See my kids so old already, when you having yours?

Me: You take care for me ah.

6. Get philosophical on them


Annoying person: So do you see yourself having children in the future?

Me: I believe in the equilibrium of the circle of life. For me to bring a child into the world, someone has to die.

7. Reveal your secret family

Annoying person: When you going to give your mum a boy or a girl?

Me: I have a few kids, one in Taiwan, one in Malaysia, and one with a siam bu.

8. Forward them this article

Annoying person: Do you want children?

Me: *opens Telegram/Whatsapp*

9. Reassure them you’ll make one immediately

Annoying person: You’re not getting younger, you know! When are you going to make babies?

Me: K, I make one tonight.

Having Children In Singapore

Asking when you’re having kids, though annoying, is generally a harmless and poor attempt at small talk. So if you care about having a positive relationship with said offender, just put on a big smile, say you’re trying, and move on.

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