Whisky Snow Skin Mooncakes 

Some traditions are held close to our hearts, and one of them is the Mid-Autumn Festival. The lights, the festivities and a crowd favourite — the mooncakes. 

If you’re looking for a mooncake that comes with a twist, Glenfiddich and Chun Tsubaki have come together to create delectable whisky-infused snow skin mooncakes. Bite into their limited edition mooncakes and enjoy the taste of Matcha and Chocolate Truffle, inspired by flavours reminiscent of their Single Malt Scotch whisky that are sure to give you a pleasant buzz. 

The Mooncakes

glenfiddich mooncake

The mooncakes come in gift boxes containing 4 whisky-filled pastries, with 2 of each flavour. Every single one of the snow skin mooncakes are embellished with the recognisable Glenfiddich logo, giving them a playful yet ritzy nuance. 

matcha pistachio whiskey mooncake

The Glenfiddich Our Original Twelve mooncake is an ode to the brand’s symbolic Valley with a Matcha-pistachio snow skin that comes in a light forest green. The filling is made of roasted barley and brown sugar, mimicking the nuttiness of the whisky, which is offset by a white chocolate pear jam and whisky truffle in the centre. 

With hints of apple, pear and vanilla, the mooncake is made to finish off with the same smooth and mellow satisfaction you get from sipping on a serving of whisky.

truffle whisky mooncake

A striking image of dusk with hues of purple, the Glenfiddich Our Solera Fifteen snow skin mooncake is enriched with hints of spicy, honeyed oak. The skin is made with dark ganache whisky truffle speckled with the taste of peppers and chilli. The purple overlay hides a honey and orange blossom filling that enhances the piquancy of the mooncake. 

What’s left after a bite is a reminder of the warmth and richness of whisky — mmm

The Packaging

glenfiddich snow skin mooncake

The joy of mooncakes comes hand in hand with collecting the boxes they’re packed in. The Glenfiddich mooncakes are each individually encased in boxes with the iconic deer logo. The set of 4 is then packed into a gift box adorned with a design of the Glenfiddich stag basking in the moonlight of a sky filled with glowing lanterns. 

The mooncake gift set will be made available, limitedly, from early September at 1887 Bar on Grab, Alcohol Delivery and iShopChangi. The set comes with every purchase of twin bottles of the Glenfiddich Our Original Twelve or a single bottle of the Glenfiddich Our Solera Fifteen from 1887 Bar on Grab or Alcohol Delivery. You can also obtain the mooncakes with the purchase of the Glenfiddich Our Solera Fifteen from iShopChangi. Keep your eyes peeled for an official date announcement, 

These Whisky-Infused Mooncakes Will Intoxicate Your Taste Buds With Flavour 

The whisky-infused mooncakes are not only great gifts for friends, but a nice treat to take home to your family as well. While taking in the Mid-Autumn Festival merriment, you can consider sipping on a dram of whisky while sampling the mooncakes together.

After all, everything seems to taste better with a little alcohol — am I right? 

All images courtesy of Glenfiddich.

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