Reasons Why Women Get Plastic Surgery 

Today, plastic surgery is more common than ever. Thanks to K-dramas like My ID is Gangnam Beauty and Birth of the Beauty, plastic surgery is now at the forefront of the media we consume, and therefore, more widely discussed.

Even in Singapore, more women are considering plastic surgery. A Statista survey reported that over 40% of Singaporean women are thinking about going under the knife. 

Below, we spoke to six Singaporean women who shared why they would get plastic surgery, as well as what procedures they would undergo.

*Names were changed to protect some identities.

1. “I am bombarded by beautiful people on my Instagram feed”


I think that what made me want to get plastic surgery was being called ugly. Furthermore, pictures of beautiful people bombard me whenever I’m on social media. Seeing influencers promote plastic surgery and posting their before and afters has made me feel tempted to undergo the same procedures. 

If I could get over my fear of post-procedure pain, I would get a nose job. I often feel that my nose is big and disproportionate. Also, since I have an overbite, I would get jaw surgery. 

Another thing that’s stopping me from getting plastic surgery is my belief that to give in and subject myself to surgery for the sake of adhering to arbitrary beauty standards is to let the patriarchy win.

– Tiffany, 20s 

2. “It’ll make me happy” 

I feel that plastic surgery will make me happy. In the past, my teeth were crooked and I was so insecure about them that I decided to get Invisalign. After Invisalign, I am so much more confident. I want to get some work done on the other things that bother me so I can feel the same happiness I felt after fixing my teeth. 

I would like to get Botox around my jaw because I tend to grind my teeth and there seems to be a lot of tension in that area. I heard that getting jaw Botox can help to fix that issue. I also have like, zero nose bridge, so I’m toying with the idea of trying to build a bridge with fillers. 

– Helen, 20s 

3. “It can help to relieve my back pain”


I would get breast reduction surgery to help with my back. I know boobs are considered an “asset” but mine are seriously heavy and they often cause pain in my back. 

Honestly, I feel that if I did get breast reduction surgery, I would become more comfortable wearing tops that reveal my chest. Even though I know that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my girlies, they aren’t great when it comes to shopping for clothes.

Though I would get plastic surgery, money is definitely a concern. I’m holding off on getting the surgery since it’s not a priority at the moment. Since my boobs will definitely reduce in size when I lose weight, I’ll wait and see how much that change alleviates my back pain. 

– Gladys, 27 

4. “I think plastic surgery can help enhance certain features” 

I’m not dissatisfied with my looks but I think plastic surgery can enhance certain features and make my face more symmetrical. Actually, I feel that the right side of my face droops down quite a bit. Simple procedures like facial threads would probably help lift my face and make me look less old. 

I had baby Botox, fillers, and buccal fat removal in the past, but I want to get chin implants in the future to get a V-shaped face. For the rest of my body, I want to get fat dissolving injections around my tummy as it’s not going down even with exercise and dieting. 

– Rae, 30s 

5. “I want to enhance my overall confidence and sense of self”


I feel that it’s understandable to consider minor cosmetic surgery if it can significantly improve how you feel about yourself. Spending years feeling unhappy about your appearance can take a serious toll on your mental well-being. 

I have been contemplating getting breast implants. Ever since I had a child, the size and shape of my breasts have changed significantly and it has taken a toll on my self-confidence. I am looking to achieve firmer, more prominent, and shapelier breasts to get back the body that I had before childbirth. 

– Vivianne, 31 

6. “Life is too short, and there is no harm in trying small procedures”

I would get plastic surgery to improve my appearance and boost my confidence. Life is too short, and I feel there is no harm in trying small procedures to make yourself happier. 

I would love to do an upper blepharoplasty because I have excess skin and fat on my eyelids, which make them look puffy. Additionally, I wouldn’t mind undergoing an alarplasty — a procedure to make my nostrils smaller — or a mini liposuction. These are all just small tweaks to improve certain areas. 

– Kelly, 29 

These Singaporean Women Show That There Are Many Reasons For Getting Plastic Surgery 

Getting plastic surgery is no one’s decision but your own. If you’re planning to get plastic surgery, don’t let anyone else make you doubt your decision. 

While many of the women here would get plastic surgery to improve their appearance and self-confidence, some also get plastic surgery for other reasons, like health concerns. 

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