Uniqlo x Winnie The Pooh 

A good portion of us grew up to the wise words of Winnie The Pooh, such as, “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day” – this one definitely still resonates. Aside from the comical life lessons, the heartwarming nature of the series also made the perfect bedtime story, promising only the sweetest dreams after. 

Once again, Winnie The Pooh will help you get a good night’s rest with their new Uniqlo collaboration. The collection features pyjamas, bedroom slippers and even some cosy apparel for the little ones. Celebrate Winnie The Pooh’s 95th anniversary and go back in time to our hunnied childhood days with this collection. 

Adult PJ sets 

pooh bear sleep wear

In more than 1 design, these Pooh-themed PJ sets include a loose-fitting top and shorts combo. This particular set has a green scoop-neck shirt with our favourite honey-loving bear printed on the front. 

While you cosy up on your own couch, these soft tree-printed bottoms will ensure that you don’t have to deal with itchy fabric. 

pooh bear PJ set

This second design has brown and white bottoms so you can match with Pooh, who’s printed on the top in his own stripey get-up. The cream-coloured top has the same comfortable cut as the previous – time to put your thoughts to rest and drift off to sleep. 

pooh bear PJs

The last of the 3 designs is this soft, caramel-brown combo with the phrase, “Small Bears Make The Best Friends” displayed across the front – which I’m sure Piglet agrees. The bottoms are covered in prints of Piglet and Pooh bear just doing their usual bestie things.

The PJ sets are priced at $29.90 each. 

Bedroom slippers

Winnie the pooh bedtime slippers

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” is another memorable quote from the series. Well, maybe these bedroom slippers will make leaving your bed a little easier on chilly mornings. 

Available in 3 designs, the covered-toe slippers have a soft cotton interior to keep your feet warm. The off-white version has Piglet and Pooh printed on the left slipper while the right slipper has the caption “Simply Dream, Pooh likes a sunny spot” sewn onto the top. 

pooh bear slippers

The green and brown versions of the slippers similarly have a hunny pot embellishment on the sole. The green pair is themed to match the first PJ set in the collection. On the other hand, the brown version features Winnie The Pooh’s iconic best friend duo in mid-conversation. 

The bedroom slippers are priced at $14.90 each. 

Toddler PJ sets

pooh bear PJ sets

As with all things good in life, we want to be able to pass down the magic to the young ones – these PJ sets are fit for toddlers so you can do just that. 

Both sets consist of a long pants and short-sleeve top combo with the first set coloured a soft green. The green version has Pooh and Piglet printed all over the top. The other version, in a light yellow, has the patterned design of Pooh reaching for the stars.

These sets are the perfect way to introduce your children, nieces or nephews to the adventures of the Hundred Acre Woods.  

The toddler PJ sets are priced at $19.90 each.

Baby Rompers

winnie the pooh romper

And, if you want to start them off even younger, why not get these rompers for the babies of the house. This first romper is in a bright honey yellow and comes with all the Winnie The Pooh characters included in the design. 

uniqloe pooh bear romper

The next romper has the same print as the toddler PJ set, with Pooh Bear reaching up for the stars amidst a light yellow fabric. 

The use of yellow makes the rompers well worth considering as a gift for the next “unknown gender” baby shower you have to attend. 

The rompers are priced at $14.90 each. 


pooh bear pillow

The last item in the collection is this Winnie The Pooh pillow. This first pillow has Pooh bear clad in bedtime apparel on the front and the words “Think, think” on the back – a great replacement for your current snuggle buddy, especially if it’s already falling apart from your cuddles. 

Winnie the pooh pillow

The next cushion is white and has both Pooh and Piglet printed on the front – get ready to roll into bed and “simply dream” the night away with this pillow held close. 

The pillows are priced at $19.90 each. 

The Winnie The Pooh x Uniqlo Collection Will Help You Get To Bed With That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling In Your Chest 

While the children’s Winnie The Pooh collection is already available in stores and online, the adult apparel and accessories will only be on sale from 4 October 2021 at Uniqlo

Time to whisk away to dreamland in this Winnie The Pooh x Uniqlo apparel, with memories of your adventures alongside Pooh bear and friends. 

All images courtesy of Uniqlo.

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