Experiencing Weight Gain While Working From Home

No one expected 2020 to turn out the way it did: a global pandemic, partial lockdown and employers forcing us to work from home. Not that I minded—for me, WFH was super convenient since I enjoyed having full control over my own time. The copious food deliveries from generous friends and being able to binge-watch Netflix also made it easier to be stuck at home, even for my extroverted self.     

As it turns out, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. 

My relationship with food

If I had to describe my relationship with food, it would be that “it’s complicated”. 

I led a fairly active lifestyle before working from home. A regular week had me playing touch rugby, working out at the gym and running laps on the treadmill. My diet took free rein and I would literally inhale 20 dumplings without batting an eyelid. Heck, I was the person who finished 2 pizzas in one seating after a particularly stressful day.  


At the same time, there have also been periods when I was super conscious of my diet and weight. While participating in my university pageant, I got so caught up in the competition that I only ate 6 hard-boiled eggs and plain crackers a day.

In hindsight, it was obviously unhealthy and unsustainable. The moment the pageant was over, I started eating normally again.

It was also during this time that I first met my ex. After I went back to a healthier weight, he would often mention how “I could look better if I tried harder”. His comments were at the back of my mind, and I often felt insecure about how I looked.

My experience of WFH


At the start of WFH season, my routine was fairly straightforward. Most of my work day was spent sitting in the same chair at home. Outside of work, there was nothing to do but eat, binge-watch Atypical and Grey’s Anatomy, take evening naps and join in the occasional late-night Zoom call with friends.

work-from-home-weight-gain-chloe-tingAt the height of the hype surrounding Chloe Ting’s 14-day challenge,
I decided to try it out for myself but discovered it wasn’t for me

With all the changes that came from working from home and being isolated, my activity levels crashed to near zero, even as my food intake peaked.


Coincidentally, my birthday was also during the WFH period, and my friends flooded me with at least 8 food deliveries. My fridge was filled to the brim with my favourite fried chicken. In fact, it is still packed with leftover birthday ice cream from July.

Realising that weight isn’t everything

At some point during WFH season, I realised that I’d drank bubble tea every day for 2 weeks straight. It was a moment of epiphany.

With the sugar overload, it made sense why I was starting to feel lethargic. Another thing that struck me was that while my main concern when I was eating all the unhealthy food was weight gain as a number, my friends were constantly telling me, “Stop drinking so much bubble tea or you will get diabetes.”

That’s when it hit me: Did I really care more about a number on a scale than my own health? Sure, I still wanted to eat the things I enjoy. But I didn’t want the adverse side effects to destroy me.

This time, it wasn’t about the numbers on a scale but for the wellness of my body. Maybe it was all the binge-watching of Grey’s Anatomy, but I’ve watched enough TV to know that people end up in hospitals after trying fad diets.

Instead, I made a more conscious effort to work out regularly. It also helped that my coach made a mandatory 3km weekly run for all the girls playing this season.

A change in mindset

work-from-home-weight-gain-touch-rugbyMy touch rugby teammates

But what truly made a difference was the support of my friends, whether it was from my touch rugby teammates or colleagues working out together after a stress-eating sesh. And, most importantly, a shift in the way I thought.

Although I was very conscious of my weight in the past, I’m no longer too fazed by my weight gain—maybe because I chose to break up with my then-boyfriend and my mindset is clear for once. After all, there’s no one to impress but only my health to care for.

work-from-home-weight-gain-clothesFeeling comfortable in my own clothes

While I did make a concerted effort to snack less and get moving more, one of the turning points for me in my weight journey was the realisation that I simply needed to love and accept myself for who I am. No one cares what size my jeans are or how my arms look in a sleeveless top. I’m finding a point where I’m comfortable, and comfortable means being okay with the extra weight.

I’ve come to realise that feeling good about myself means being able to accept the fact that our bodies change, and that we put our bodies through different things during different seasons of our lives.

Whatever the season, I’m trying to be healthy, and that’s good enough for me.

Fighting Work-From-Home Weight Gain While Staying Fit & Healthy With Svelty’s Diet Supplements

This is the best I’ve felt in recent years, both physically and mentally. But it’s still up to me to keep a healthy lifestyle. Since touch rugby is an important part of my life, it matters to maintain my stamina so I can perform well as a team player.

By no means am I aiming to get back down to my original weight, but I’m looking for a good balance—one where I can both enjoy life and food while making sure my body is in tip-top condition.


For those who want to keep fit and healthy while still enjoying life, look no further than Svelty. As the number one diet supplement brand in Japan, they pride themselves on having “a holistic approach to good health”. They understand that a healthy weight isn’t a goal number reflected on the scale; it’s the way your body feels that matters most.

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Svelty Pakkun Yeast ($59.90) is specially formulated with digestive yeast to help break down sugar and carbohydrates. It also contains Liposan Ultra, a dietary fibre formulation that helps to bind fat so your body doesn’t absorb it all, making it easier to be passed out of the body.  

Another bonus: Ingredients such as candle bush and oolong tea extract aid in improving bowel movement, making the capsules ideal for those with constipation issues as well. 

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Another brilliant choice for gut health is Svelty Smart Bacteria ($59.90), where a single dosage comes filled with over 130 billion live probiotics and 25 different bacteria strains. That’s the equivalent of 13 servings of yoghurt! Like fermented yoghurt drinks good for your intestinal and digestive health, this has its fair share of Lactobacillus Bifidus—in other words, good bacteria. 

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From left to right: Hot Pakkun with Black Ginger, Pakkun Yeast Triple Premium, Pakkun Yeast, Black Ginger and Smart Bacteria

Svelty also has a range of other health supplements, depending on what your body needs. For one, Svelty Hot Pakkun with Black Ginger ($39.90) is suitable for those who have late-night suppers and drink often since it’s packed with turmeric extract, which helps your body metabolise alcohol. 

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This post was brought to you by Svelty.
Photography by Edmund Wong.

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