Hello Kitty x Anna Sui Collection 2022

Last year, Sanrio x Anna Sui came up with fashionable lifestyle merchandise to add to the collection of Sanrio fans. This time, Anna Sui is back with another collaboration alongside Hello Kitty that is inspired by a mermaid theme. Featuring items like tumblers, hand sanitisers and recyclable bags, read on to find out what else is included in the collection. 

Fashion accessories

As an effort to protect the environment, bring out this recyclable shopping bag when you head outside for errands. The bag is capable of holding up to 8kg worth of content despite its dimensions of 50cm x 42cm.

Hello Kitty x Anna Sui Collection 2022

Be spoiled for choice as the recyclable bag has 7 different designs. Each design highlights how Hello Kitty gets creative with her outfits and comes with a unique bag tag.

Hello Kitty x Anna Sui Collection 2022

For those who prefer a dark colourway, the first three designs feature Anna Sui’s signature purple and black, along with their butterfly mascot. On the bag in light purple, spot Hello Kitty in a yellow dress with a pair of wings on her back ‒ as if she has transformed into a butterfly herself. 

Hello Kitty x Anna Sui Collection 2022

Alternatively, you can brighten up your OOTD when you carry one of these recyclable bags that come in pastel green and pink. 

Following the theme of the collection, the bags in green touch on a mermaid-inspired design ‒ with the one on the left featuring Hello Kitty as a mermaid, sitting in an open shell. On the pink bag, Hello Kitty gets shy as you only get to see her forehead and motifs of hot air balloons. 


Singapore’s sweltering weather is bound to make you thirsty. To help quench your thirst, store your favourite beverage in one of these Hello Kitty tumblers while you stay hydrated.  

Hello Kitty x Anna Sui Collection 2022

Available in 6 designs, each features similar patterns to those previously seen on the recyclable bags. The 350ml tumbler is made from double-wall ceramic so you can be sure that your cuppa will be kept either chilled or warm. Plus, its rotating lid feature makes drinking easy with just a push. 

If you’re constantly on the move, but would also love to keep your teh bing at your optimum temperature, go hands-free with these thermos bottles and sling bags. 

The black bottle features Anna Sui’s butterfly mascot in gold along with the wordings of Hello Kitty. On the sling bag, the gold chain gives a contrast to the black and you’ll even spot embossing of the Anna Sui logo too. 

Limited to only this collection, the purple bottle has the motif of Hello Kitty dressed up as an elf and stars. The respective purple sling bag also features similar embossing and design. 

Hello Kitty x Anna Sui Collection 2022

Each thermos bottle has a capacity of 280ml and comes with an anti-slip feature on the base. It has dimensions of 16.6cm x 6.5cm and the sling bag is 12.5cm x 7.5cm. 

Lifestyle items

While the pandemic doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, stay safe and sanitise your hands with this automatic hand sanitiser. 

Pretty in pink, the container of the hand sanitiser comes with motifs of starfishes, shells and seaweeds. Sitting right on top, the figurine of mermaid Hello Kitty holds onto a pearl and greets you every time you place your hand out for sanitisation.  

The automatic hand sanitiser is 23.5cm by 9.5cm. 

Make your personal space more magical with this teal mermaid Hello Kitty snow globe.

Inside the snow globe, you’ll spot Hello Kitty transformed into a mermaid and resting comfortably on an opened oyster. Surrounding her are also pearls of various sizes in pastel shades like white, beige and pink. 

Give it a lil’ shake and you’ll find the 15cm by 10cm snow globe lifting your spirits while the shimmery confetti settle down.

Hello Kitty x Anna Sui Collection 2022

Reed diffusers are one way to provide fragrance and you can do so with these Hello Kitty diffusers. Apart from the reeds, the 120ml diffuser includes a wooden Hello Kitty piece that has designs unique to each fragrance.

Hello Kitty x Anna Sui Collection 2022

The first diffuser with the design of mermaid Hello Kitty has the fragrance of peonies, whereas the second one with elf Hello Kitty gives off a freesia scent. That’s not all, as fans of rose fragrances can go for the diffuser with the design of Hello Kitty and a hot air balloon. 

Household items

Get comfy and tuck yourself in bed after a long day with these 2-in-1 Hello Kitty blankets.  

Hello Kitty x Anna Sui Collection 2022

As the blanket comes with 2 designs on the front and back, you get to choose which side to tuck yourself in before drifting off to dreamland. 

Available in 2 designs, those with rooms in a darker colour palette can opt for the one where elf Hello Kitty makes an appearance. Alternatively, the design with mermaid Hello Kitty is also a great option for those with a brighter room.  

Each blanket has dimensions of 200cm x 150cm. 

Make Your Mermaid Fantasy Come True With This Hello Kitty x Anna Sui Collection

Apart from the above-mentioned items, there are also scarves and makeup pouches. You can check out the full collection on 7-Eleven Taiwan’s official website. Unfortunately, they are only available for 7-Eleven Taiwan members at the moment, who get to redeem them through a point system. 

For those who are keen on adding them to your Hello Kitty collection, you might want to look out for freight forwarders who ship to Singapore or hope that 7-Eleven stores in Singapore start stocking this collection. 

All images courtesy of 7-Eleven Taiwan. 

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