7-Eleven Taiwan Pokémon Store

Since 7-Eleven Taiwan launched an adorable Sanrio-themed store last year, many have been expecting more of such stores to snap some IG-worthy pics with. Pokémon fans who have been travelling across the land, searching far and wide for convenient snacks and drinks, 7-Eleven Taiwan now has a new Pokémon-themed store to restore your HP.

The store

7-Eleven Taiwan launched their first Pokémon-themed store earlier this year in Taipei, and has since expanded to open a new store in Taichung too. Upon reaching the Taichung store, multiple Pikachus excitedly peek through the glass window to greet you. 

Meanwhile, a wild Snorlax lazes beside them — thankfully, not blocking your way.

Along the side of the store, posters of rare Pokémon cards can be seen. If you’re still looking to get that rare Rayquaza card to add to your collection, perhaps you can try your luck here.

7-eleven taiwan pokémon

The store is 2 storeys high and filled with IG-worthy walls to flex that you’ve caught them all. For those who just got their hands on the new Pokémon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond games, don’t forget to snap a picture in this corner featuring the 2 legendary Pokémon, Dialga and Palkia.

While grabbing your favourite cup noodles or bottled BBT, a buff-looking Machoke appears to be showing off his muscles above the shelves.

On the second floor, customers can also find 3 Pokémon Ga-Olé machines, aka the arcade game that was recently launched in Singapore too. Beside them, fans can even have a go at the Nintendo Switch trial machine to experience the new games.

7-eleven taiwan pokémon

Along the endless array of snacks, starter Pokémon from every generation make an appearance. Whether your fave starter is a Water, Fire or Grass-type, you’ll be sure to spot them for a quick picture together.

7-eleven taiwan pokémon

Among the sections of hot food you’ll find — that’s right, even more Pokémon decor. Pokémon from generations 1 to 8 can all be spotted, perfect for new and old trainers alike to discover.

7-eleven taiwan pokémon

Take a break and full restore with snacks at the dining area, decorated with round Pokéball-themed stools. While eating, look around the detailed Pokémon walls surrounding the area and take a trip down your childhood nostalgia.

Pokémon merchandise

7-eleven taiwan pokémon

Besides the typical snacks and convenient items you can find in this 7-Eleven, Pokémon fans are also treated to a variety of exclusive merch like plush toys and playing cards.

7-eleven taiwan pokémon

That’s not all — more merch can be found near the cashier counter too, so Pokémon fans should ensure that your wallet is ready before heading here.

7-Eleven Taiwan’s Pokémon-Themed Store Is The Perfect Chill Area For Trainers

Seeing these 7-Eleven themed stores in Taiwan has us questioning “when?” to our stores in Singapore. While Singapore has not yet opened up VTL with Taiwan, hopefully we’ll be able to travel there soon, seeing that it’s the perfect place for avid Pokémon trainers to chill at.

All images courtesy of 7-Eleven Taiwan.

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