Oreo x Blackpink

“Twist, lick, dunk” has been a popular catchphrase for the biscuit brand Oreo, and chances are, you tried the action at least once when you were a kid. Now, get ready for Oreo’s latest collaboration with K-pop girl group Blackpink so you can twist, lick, and dunk in your area when the snacks reach our shores in February 2023.  

The Oreo

Unlike a typical Oreo that is made of white cream sandwiched between two pieces of black cookies, the Blackpink Oreos greet you with pink cookies and black cream instead.


Swapping out its usual blue for pink, the packaging of the snack features a logo of Blackpink above Oreo’s. It even pays tribute to each Blackpink member with an autograph near the motif of a Blackpink Oreo cookie adorning a crown. 


That’s not all ‒ each packet of Blackpink Oreos has six tubes of packed cookies and comes with a photo card that either features an individual member or all four of them. FYI, there are 10 photocards in total so it might take you some time before you can say “bingo!”. 

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According to Shopee Indonesia, there are also other flavours of Blackpink Oreos such as the one with black cookies and pink cream, and the original one. Fingers crossed that these flavours of Blackpink Oreos will also come to Singapore so our local Blinks can try out the tasty treats. 

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Currently, the Blackpink Oreos are already available for purchase in Indonesia. They will soon be available in the Philippines and Thailand in January 2023, and in Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and South Korea in February 2023. 

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth And Express Your Love For Blackpink With The Blackpink Oreos 


Since Blackpink will be coming to Singapore for their world tour in May 2023, these special Oreos might just be the best snack to have before you attend their concert. 

As a pleasant surprise for Blinks in Singapore, Shopee Mall is exclusively launching the pre-order for Blackpink Oreos on 12 December 2022. Eager fans can pre-order them through the official Mondelez store, and also stand a chance to win a Pink Venom T-shirt, sweatpants, and ball cap. 

As only limited quantities of the snacks are available, make sure to get em’ get em’ get em’ before they run out. In the meantime, check out the Blackpink collection by H&M for a possible concert fit idea too. 

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