BTS dolls by Mattel

Mattel has announced that it will be releasing a second collection of BTS dolls.  

The collection features miniature-sized collectible figurines of the 7 band members—V, Suga, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, j-hope and Jin—on a display base with their names printed on the front. The 3-inch dolls are wearing outfits inspired by iconic looks from the Idol music video. 

Let’s take a look at the adorable collection!


bts-dolls (2)

V is the only member depicted in a seating position. He is rocking his 2-coloured hair, dyed pastel pink on his left and platinum blonde on his right. His killer wink and bold outfit—featuring a pair of red suspenders over a white striped top with heart motifs—will cheer you up whenever you look at the doll.


bts-dolls (1)

Suga keeps things fun and fresh wearing a pastel yellow pullover with an apple motif on it worn over a yellow polka dot shirt. A pair of light denim jeans completes the ensemble. His voluminous head of wine-red hair and bright doe eyes further enhance the look of innocence, making this figurine sweeter than sugar.


bts-dolls (8)

The leader of the group, RM is decked out in contrasting shades of blue. Starting off light at the top with his pastel blue hair and brows, the theme continues to his t-shirt with heart motifs and striped cardigan in a striking cobalt blue hue. These are paired with deep blue polka dot shorts and socks with a strip of blue on them. Rest assured, however, that you will never be blue with this doll by your side. 

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Jung Kook

bts-dolls (7)

Jungkook dons a white tee with his initials, ‘JK’, printed on it. He is sticking his little arm out, presumably reaching out to his many fans. We don’t blame him for his popularity—he sings, dances and raps well, and is arguably the best looking (my personal opinion, don’t hate). It is no wonder why he is affectionately referred to as the ‘golden maknae’.


bts-dolls (5)

Clad in a mint green pullover and a striped navy blue shirt, Jimin is straight-up serving bad boy vibes with his gaze. He wears a red baseball cap over his head of ash brown hair and completes his look with a pair of jeans with huge rips at the knee. Even as a doll, he is cool, confident and suave.


bts-dolls (4)

j-hope channels his inner child in a yellow pullover, which has a bunny design on it, with a black shirt underneath and a pair of ripped jeans. His hazelnut-coloured hair is parted and permed in the quintessential K-pop style. The highlight of the doll, however, is his thick, gold-rimmed glasses.


bts-dolls (6)

The charismatic look on Jin’s face will melt your heart. He strikes a pose in a striped shirt, yellow tie and a blue blazer. He completes the look with a pair of cream pants and matching blonde hair.

BTS dolls by Mattel

Mattel released its first set of BTS dolls in July this year. Those dolls were a lot more realistic looking, with defined features and a more proportionate figure. A BTS UNO card game was also released shortly after. You can still purchase the dolls and UNO cards at Toys”R”Us Singapore. Hopefully, this collection will soon be available there too.

The miniature dolls, with along other merchandise like memo pads and jackets, will also be available in the House Of BTS pop-up store in Gangnam, Seoul. The dolls will retail at ₩18,000 (~S$20.96) each.

If you’d like to find out more about this collection in the meantime, check out Mattel’s online store

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