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When you’re constantly acting in romantic dramas with fairytale-like scenes, relationships IRL often seem to fall short – but not for these celebrity couples in Singapore. These local stars have found their own happily-ever-after with others in the industry and are keeping the romance alive, even after years spent together. 

With all the swoon-worthy pictures and adorable PDA moments they share, it’s hard not to believe that just maybe, true love does exist after all. 

1. Pierre Png & Andrea De Cruz 

Pierre Png & Andrea De Cruz Source, Source 

Pierre Png, whose on-screen marriage to Astrid in Crazy Rich Asians didn’t work out, seems to have it quite the opposite in reality. Espoused to Andrea De Cruz, who also used to act for Mediacorp, the couple seem to have the whole relationship thing in the bag. 

Married since 2003, the two celebrated their 20th anniversary earlier this year — just take a look at the photo of them from their younger days (left) compared to now (right). Their smiles are still as bright as ever. 

In 2002, when they were still dating, Andrea went through liver failure after consuming slimming pills. In true knight-in-shining-armour manner, Pierre donated part of his liver to her. After that, he continued to stick by her while she fought to regain her health. Guess you can say that she will always have a part of him with her. 

2. Fandi Ahmad & Wendy Jacobs 

Fandi Ahmad & Wendy JacobsSource, Source 

Fandi Ahmad and Wendy Jacobs have been married since 1996 and 5 kids later, it seems as though their relationship is still in its honeymoon phase. 

For their actual honeymoon, they spent their time together at Disneyland which clearly was just the beginning of their own, personal fairytale. 

When the self-proclaimed soccer mom struggled through an unknown illness that left her bedridden, paralysed and with symptoms like epileptic seizures in 2008, Fandi stood right by her side. 

Now, they’ve basically nabbed the title of Singapore’s very own David and Victoria Beckham with their children making waves through their own careers in modelling and soccer. 

3. Fann Wong & Christopher Lee

 Fann Wong & Christopher LeeSource, Source

When Fann Wong first laid eyes on Christopher Lee in 1995, she thought he looked like an “uncle”. This tidbit of info was hilariously shared on the reality talk show, The Inner Circle

Well, the “uncle look” must’ve won her over because they started dating in the early 2000s before tying the knot in 2009. Christopher had planned to propose on a special occasion but had to cancel twice because Fann ended up needing to film overseas. 

While the previous 2 attempts were planned, he finally wound up asking her to marry him spontaneously without any preparation beforehand. 

The veteran actors had their first and only child in 2014 and spend their time together nowadays boating. To this day, they still pose for lovey-dovey photos that make it seem like their honeymoon phase is never-ending. 

4. Jean Danker & Glenn Ong 

Jean Danker & Glenn OngSource, Source 

Imagine meeting “the one” at 16. When Jean Danker and Glenn Ong met over 25 years ago, they had just started working as DJs for 987FM. 

It was only in 2009 that they started dating, before finally getting married in 2016. Glenn himself has been married 2 times before but as they say, third times the charm. Having known each other for so long, their friendship and common interests seem to be what keeps them together. 

While they don’t DJ for the same station anymore, they spend their free time off work golfing and dining out together. 

5. Felicia Chin & Jeffrey Xu

Felicia Chin & Jeffrey XuSource, Source

These two well-known Channel 8 stars have been dating for over 7 years – and it all started when Jeffrey Xu played Felicia Chin’s on-screen boyfriend. 

According to an interview by 8 Days, before they got together, Felicia had a vision of them taking photos at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which gave her the urge to call him to meet up. Unbeknownst to her, he had the exact same vision. Later that day, he went straight ahead to ask her if she wanted to start a family with him and the rest is history. Take note guys – confidence is key. 

While they’ve been together for a while now, they’ve decided to take the next step of marriage at their own pace. Although with all the wedding urges, there’s no doubt that their fans, family and friends approve of the adorable duo. 

6. Chen Yixin & Gavin Teo 

Chen Yixin & Gavin Teo Source 

One of the younger couples in this list, Chen Yixin and Gavin Yeo are nothing short of crazy in love. They’ve been together for about 4 years and if anything, their relationship is #couplegoals. 

Contrary to how perfectly coordinated their pictures are, the way Gavin confessed to her was quite the opposite. An interview with 8 Days uncovered that, after a couple too many beers to boost his confidence, Gavin wound up needing to use the toilet in the middle of his confession. The shocked Yixin, who all along thought their relationship was platonic, only ended up replying “yes” two days later. 

Flash forward to now, the two even have made the cover of a magazine together. Despite Yixin’s dad, Edmund Chen, initially admitting that he was still coming to terms with his daughter having a BF, he’s approved of Gavin and now treats him like part of the family.  

7. Tay Kewei & Alfred Sim

Tay Kewei & Alfred SimSource, Source

Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim are both Project SuperStar alumni that got to know each other while appearing as guest singers for another artiste EP launch back in 2004. Their love for music strengthened their bond, and in 2005 they started dating. 

As the relationship started, both their careers also began to take off, meaning that they didn’t have the liberty of spending a lot of time together. Surprisingly, their drive to build themselves professionally only brought them closer and in 2014, they got married. 

The proposal took 4 months to prep for, with a live band and a trip to Japan the next morning planned by Alfred. It’s a good thing she said “yes” because the proposal was said to have been valued at a 5-figure sum. For their wedding, they even wrote and performed a duet together.

Today, their family time with their 3 kiddos includes jam sessions at home and shoots with coordinated fits. 

8. Melody Chen & Randall Tan 

Melody Chen & Randall Tan Source, Source

25 years ago, Melody Chen and Randall Tan gave their very first on-screen kisses to each other in the 1998 version of The Teenage Textbook Movie. Today, they’re married with twins – that kiss must’ve been something really special. However, while this power couple has known each other for a long time, they only started dating in 2007. 

When Randall Tan was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome that year, Melody Chen stood right by his side, helping him in his fight against the nerve disorder. The time they spent looking out for each other made them realise the feelings they had for each other. 

Even after getting married, they struggled to have kids, which included having to face a miscarriage. Through thick and thin they stuck together and their beautiful family, with kids Rueben and Maegan, prove that even when the going gets tough, love will pull you through. 

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9. Vernon A & Jayne Tham 

Vernon A & Jayne Tham Source, Source

While I’m sure you’ve heard Vernon A’s voice on CLASS 95 while on your morning commute, his wife Jayne Tham also holds her own as a blogger and model. This duo met through a mutual friend on Facebook and have been married since 2014. 

Their relationship caught the attention of many given their 18 year age gap, but as they say, age is just a number. With 2 kids, Liam and Niall, their relationship is nothing short of swoon-worthy. And yup, their kids being named after One Direction is purely coincidental.

From an epic wedding to starting a family, their time together seems to always be filled with joyful moments. Just take a look at them during their travels in Japan (right) – any person who’d dress in matching Sanrio onesies with you is definitely a keeper. 

10. Joanne Peh & Qi Yuwu

Joanne Peh & Qi YuwuSource, Source  

Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu have acted together in several dramas before but it was while filming C.L.I.F 3 that they grew closer. With a friendship that lasted for more than 10 years, they were only married in 2014. 

While they tend to keep the intimate parts of their relationship away from public view, in an interview with Today, Joanne shared that she “discovered another version of myself” when they got together. 

A scroll through Joanne’s Instagram will let you bear witness to just how much this couple has grown together. They now have 2 kids and while parenting sure takes up a lot of their time, the duo keeps their romance alive with their shared love for food. 

Be it having indoor picnics, baking or just simply going on romantic dinner dates, it seems that they always make each other smile when they’re together. 

11. Benjamin Kheng & Naomi Yeo

Benjamin Kheng & Naomi YeoSource, Source 

We have just one word for Benjamin Kheng and Naomi Yeo’s union: stunning. This talented duo who got married in 2021 are making Singaporeans all around jelly of just how sweet their relationship is.

Naomi apparently said “yes” before Benjamin even had the chance to pop the question, while they were on holiday in New Zealand. Ironically, when they first met in 2018, they played husband and wife on the TV series Dead Lucky. We’ll call it fate, because this married power couple now gets to spend the rest of their life together. 

Constantly poking fun at each other, these two also had the most vibey wedding photos that’ll surely leave you dreaming of the day you get to tie the knot as well. With their matching energy and claims that they’re each other’s “soulmates” it’s hard not to see how deep in love they are. Lesson learnt: marry your best friend. 

12. Andie Chen & Kate Pang

Andie Chen & Kate PangSource, Source

When they say “opposites attract”, we wouldn’t suspect that Andie Chen and wife Kate Pang fall into the category. In fact, this duo were so different that they actually started out somewhat disliking each other. On the set of Channel 8’s Joys of Life, they would constantly poke fun at each other. 

But as they started having more conversations about their personal problems while filming Break Free, the two experienced a change of heart. The feeling of “overwhelming ease” they felt around each other led to a relationship and wedding in just under a year. 

While the marriage itself was rushed, it seems like it’s smooth sailing so far. When a fan questioned if their relationship was going well, Kate was quick to explain that the only reason she hadn’t posted a picture of him recently was because she didn’t have a recent “handsome” photo of him on her phone.

This only proves that social media doesn’t always paint the full picture. 

13. Nicole Chang Min & James Seah 

Nicole Chang Min & James SeahSource, Source

When you find someone who complements your crazy, you know you’ve met your person – Nicole Chang Min and James Seah can attest to this. Known for their chaotic energy and kooky personalities on social media, this couple redefines what being engaged looks like. 

In 2020, James actually had to change his proposal locations several times. For his initial plan, the field he’d selected had wilted sunflowers. When he was finally ready to propose at a new location, the nervous energy made him accidentally reach out for her right hand instead of left. 

It’s evident from the photos they post, that they’re always up to silly things together. After 8 years, they still keep things fresh too. Whether it’s making TikToks together or dressing like elves, there’s no denying sparks fly when they’re in the same room. 

14. Mike Kasem & Su-Ann Heng Kasem 

 Mike Kasem & Su-Ann Heng Kasem Source, Source

A couple that golfs together, stays together, as Mike Kasem and his wife Su-Ann proves. 

Their relationship started when Mike asked her to play a round of golf together over text. The session had to have gone well, because they met up for drinks a couple of days later and he knew “he was in love right then and there”. 

Going on to date for another 3 years, they finally registered their marriage in 2018 and celebrated with a magical wedding in Malibu. 

According to an interview from Today, Su-Ann came into Mike’s life just when he thought he was never going to get married and have kids. Now, not only has he found his other half, but he gets to enjoy parenthood too.

15. Hong Ling & Nick Teo 

Hong Ling & Nick TeoSource, Source

Y’know how they say distance makes the heart grow fonder? That is exactly what happened to Hong Ling and Nick Teo. After spending so much time together during auditions and on the set of 118, a local Chinese drama, not seeing each other as often once filming stopped felt strange. 

Thus, Nick Teo started asking her to hang out, not knowing if she felt the same. Clearly, he played his cards right because 8 years later, they’re still right by each other’s side. 

While having kept their relationship hidden for 3 years, they now proudly post pictures of each other, be it of them going on walks, at events or even simply enjoying each other’s company.

In an Instagram post, Hong Ling even shared that despite how long they’ve been together, it still feels like when they “first found each other”. 

16. Priscelia Chan & Alan Tern 

Pricelia Chan & Alan TernSource, Source 

Mediacorp artistes Priscelia Chan and Alan Tern met while filming the comedy Springs Of Life in 2002. Labelling themselves as best friends for 6 years, Alan eventually confessed old school style – via email. 

Now, they’ve been married for over 14 years, but like any marriage, have had their share of tough times. Priscelia suffered through a bad skin condition which left her with discoloured lips and flaring skin back in 2017. Despite the stress and mental impact her condition brought her, Alan loyally kept by her side through it all. 

Even in an industry fuelled by looks, these 2 remind us that when it comes to relationships, beauty is only skin-deep. 

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