Champion x Hasbro Collection

For many, the holiday season is about spending quality time with our loved ones. While some of us do it by whipping up a delicious meal, others make precious memories by playing classic board games like Monopoly and Twister. 

Paying tribute to these board games, Champion has teamed up with Hasbro for a collection of apparel and footwear. Featuring motifs of Monopoly, Twister, Scrabble and Candy Land, the collection will be the ultimate showcase of nostalgia in your wardrobe. 


Rainy season in Singapore is the best time to put on a hoodie and make it a staple piece of your OOTD. Keeping you warm and snuggly in this collection is the Reverse Weave Hoodie that has 4 designs featuring the different games, each with a unique colour. 

Scrabble Reverse Weave Hoodie, Candy Land Reverse Weave Hoodie

Using Scrabble tiles to form the word “Champion” in the middle is the Scrabble Reverse Weave Hoodie in red. As for the Candy Land Reverse Weave Hoodie, it’s no surprise that it comes in a light pink, reminiscent of the name of the game. 

Champion x Hasbro Collection  Monopoly Reverse Weave Hoodie, Twister Reverse Weave Hoodie

Go for a subtle look with the Monopoly Reverse Weave Hoodie, which features Rich Uncle Pennybags and motifs of dice and the green and red houses. As if reminding us that the primary colours are red, blue and yellow, you’ll find the three colours on the Twister Reverse Weave Hoodie. 

Since the hoodies come with a loose unisex fit, boyfriends won’t have to worry about their girlfriends stealing these hoodies to wear.

Each Reverse Weave Hoodie retails at $116.20.

Champion x Hasbro CollectionTwister Reverse Weave Cropped Cut-Off Hoodie, Scrabble Reverse Weave Cropped Cut-Off Hoodie, Candy Land Reverse Weave Cropped Cut-Off Hoodie

Show off your new high waisted bottoms with these Reverse Weave Cropped Cut-Off Hoodies. Similar to the previous hoodie, each design features iconic motifs like the colourful circles from Twister, Scrabble tiles and the lollipops and candies from Candy Land. 

Each Reverse Weave Cropped Cut-Off Hoodie retails at $116.20.


Since 2022 is just right around the corner, make exercising a part of your New Year’s resolution when you put on one of these Reverse Weave Joggers. 

Champion x Hasbro CollectionFrom Left: Candy Land Reverse Weave Joggers at $100.70 and $92.90

Fans of Candy Land are treated to two Jogger designs, with the first featuring lollipops and candies. The other is also in pink and designed with the Champion logo stylised like Candy Land’s.  

Champion x Hasbro CollectionFrom left: Monopoly Reverse Weave Joggers at $100.70, $100.70 and $108.40

Whether you’re into the kaching or signature tokens of Monopoly, you can find them on the Monopoly Reverse Weave Joggers. The white version comes in a simple design with the Champion wording situated near the left calf of the joggers. 

If LISA’s “Money” is your personal anthem, you’ll love how the black design features designs of cash notes near the left thigh of the joggers. As for the one in mint, you can find the illustration of the Monopoly board on both legs of the joggers. 

From left: Twister Reverse Weave Joggers at $92.90, Scrabble Reverse Weave Joggers at $92.90 and $100.70 

Levelling up your sports style is the Twister Reverse Weave Joggers, especially if you prefer a colourful palette. Check out the instructions telling you to place your left foot on green and right hand on red on the front and back of the joggers. 

Scrabble fans are also in luck as there are two joggers designs, available in silver grey and red. Both feature the Scrabble tiles at the front and on the back, you can also spot the Scrabble wording.   


T-shirts are also part of the collection and they are perfect for game night with your kakis, especially if you are playing in teams.

Whether you’re #TeamTwister, a word nerd or a fan of everything sweet, treat yourself to the board games-inspired T-shirts that are made from super soft cotton. 

Twister Lightweight Tee, Scrabble Lightweight Tee, Candy Land Lightweight Tee

The Twister Lightweight Tee gives a nod to the classic game, adding playful vibes when you put it on. Highlighting the potential you have, the bold red from the Scrabble Lightweight Tee reflects the idea of “Be Your Own Champion”. As for the Candy Land Lightweight Tee, the classic pink and adorable design makes us want to treat ourselves to a candy-coated adventure ourselves.  

Each Lightweight Tee retails at $54.20.

Champion x Hasbro CollectionCandy Land Heritage Cropped Tee, Twister Heritage Cropped Tee, Scrabble Heritage Cropped Tee

Last but not least, these Heritage Cropped Tees set your regular T-shirts apart with a cheerful vibe. Once again in pink, the Candy Land Heritage Cropped Tee features the Champion logo. It is decked in pastel colours and sits between the purple, blue and yellow lollipops. 

You can never go wrong with white and here, the Twister Heritage Cropped Tee provides a simple look with its iconic colour circles. Playing with the location of the graphic design, the Scrabble Heritage Cropped Tee features the tiles only on the side of the T-shirt.  

Each Heritage Cropped Tee retails at $46.50. 


To complete your board game-inspired look, there is also footwear for you to choose from in the collection. 

With sliders being the trending footwear, especially among Gen Zs, Champion has also hopped onto the bandwagon featuring sliders with designs inspired by Twister. 

The first slider gives the signature Twister spinner a twist by adding the Champion logo into every colour circle. On the footbed, it features colourful circles with directional arrows filling the empty spaces. The second slider pays tribute to the classic Twister wording on top and features the footbed with primary colours.  

Each pair of sliders retails at $62. 

Champion x Hasbro Collection

While it is unlikely that you’ll need furry footwear in the sweltering weather of Singapore, these closed-toe slippers are great when you wear them in colder countries for your next overseas trip.

The Twister-inspired slipper comes with a white zip on top and stands out thanks to the blue lining and sole. Scrabble fans will also be pleased to learn that the Scrabble Slippers features a mini pouch pocket with drawstrings that brings to mind a hoodie. 

The Twister Slippers retails at $100.70 and the Scrabble Slippers retails at $92.90.

Make Game Night More Interesting When You Put On The Champion x Hasbro Collection

Next time you jio your friends for game night, make sure to put on one of the apparel from the Champion x Hasbro collection for more winning luck. For more information about the full collection, you can head over and purchase them on Champion’s official website

All images courtesy of Champion.

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