Durex Mahjong Set

Durex has cemented its image so strongly as a condom brand that sometimes we forget that it once released a streetwear collection too. Now, they are diversifying their products by dropping a mahjong set for fans who prefer to man tai zi mo “safely” this upcoming holiday season. Read on to find out more about the gaming set. 

The mahjong set

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Greeting you in navy and white, the Durex mahjong set features its signature colours on both the case and the tiles. The former showcases two rabbit motifs on the exterior, alongside a Durex logo between them, almost as if it were being employed as a “table” by the rabbits for a round of mahjong. 

Upon opening the case, you’ll find 144 mahjong tiles, with three suits of circles, bamboo, and characters. However, instead of the usual symbols seen on traditional mahjong tiles, these ones feature unique designs with a focus on cheeky Chinese wordplay. 


By replacing the typical 萬 (wan) found on traditional mahjong tiles with 次 (ci), the tiles now read as “one time”, “two times”, and “three times” in Chinese. These tiles introduce a playful element since they serve as an ambiguous way of asking bae to engage in something suggestive again

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Another example involves the replacement of the East character 東 (dong) with 杜 (du), a nod to Durex’s brand name in Chinese. One campaign ad reads “Du you love me?”, and another also incorporates the character in the expression “Yes I Du!” Cute. 

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If you think the mahjong set only includes the usual playing tools, wait till you discover that it also comes with an actual Durex 003 series condom. Who knows, after a round or two mahjong games with your partner, you might want to take things to the bedroom. 

This Durex Mahjong Set Is Perfect For The Upcoming Holiday Gatherings 

We still have a couple of months before the new year, but you can already kickstart your mahjong practice with this unique Durex mahjong set. Those who wish to add this mahjong set to their collection can purchase them on Taobao for RMB2,499 (~S$467.59).

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