Crocs x 7-Eleven

After seeing the collaborations Crocs had with MCM and Balenciaga this year, you’d think that Crocs would partner with more luxury brands for their next dynamic designs. Oops, it turns out they are working with our favourite convenience store 7-Eleven next for three exclusive designs. 

Featuring iconic 7-Eleven snacks like Slurpee and Big Bite Hot Dog, the collection is no doubt eye-catching and might even “satisfy” your food cravings.   

The designs

For the unversed, Crocs is more than just a pair of shoes with holes that facilitate airflow. Over the years, the shoe brand has also come up with various versions like their chunky Mega Crush Clog, which is excellent for those who need a height boost. 

Crocs x 7-Eleven

The Mega Crush Clog included in this collection gives a nod to 7-Eleven’s signature colours ‒ orange, red, and green ‒ by having them featured on the upper half of the shoe, and along the midsole and forefoot panels. 

Crocs x 7-Eleven

In contrast to the bright colours, the Mega Crush Clog comes with white accents on the shoe straps and above the rubber soles. What’s more, the 7-Eleven wording is also printed in white around the heel rest. 

Crocs x 7-Eleven

The highlight of this collaboration is no doubt the 7-Eleven snacks-inspired Jibbitz and you can customise your pair of Crocs with designs like a cup of Slurpee, Big Bite Hot Dog, coffee, and pizza. Yum. 

Frequent 7-Eleven goers can even pay tribute by attaching Jibbitzs that feature the convenience store’s logo. 

Crocs x 7-Eleven

Snag a pair of Mega Crush Clog either in green, red, or orange. 

Crocs x 7-Eleven

If you can’t forget how Ariana Grande slayed her look with a pair of Classic Crocs, check out these ones from the collection that are in black. The Classic Crocs adds a pop of colour to your OOTD thanks to how it is contrasted by the red, green, and orange stripes on the midsole. 

Similarly, you can adorn your pair of Crocs by attaching Jibbitz inspired by various 7-Eleven snacks. We even spot what looks like a bubble tea Jibbitz, which will be a huge draw for that BBT-obsessed friend. 

As the final item in the collection, the Classic Sandal makes an appearance in white and features 7-Eleven’s signature accents through the straps. 

P.S: The straps come with holes for you to attach those “delicious” Jibbitz too. 

On top of the simple and clean-cut design, the sandals also provide a dose of comfort and style to your overall outfit. 

The Crocs x 7-Eleven Collection Helps To “Satisfy” Our Late-Night Food Cravings

7-Eleven might be a household name for Singaporeans to get a quick bite to satisfy their late-night food cravings, and now we can flex our love for the convenience store during our quick visits. 

Unfortunately, those eager to purchase any items from the collection will have to go through a raffle on Crocs’ official website. The raffle for the Mega Crush Clogs in orange is ongoing and ends on 22 September 2022, whereas you can raffle for the Mega Crush Clogs in green, Classic Clogs, and Classic Sandals on 7 November 2022.

The prices for the Crocs x 7-Eleven collection ranges from USD$50 to $110 (~S$70.60 to $155.20). 

All images courtesy of Crocs.

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