Dont Yell At Me Beer-Infused Beverages

For many Singaporeans, BBT is a heaven-sent beverage. Ever since its creation, it has expanded into a drink with a diversity of flavours and packaging, even tomato-flavoured bubble tea packed in a ketchup bottle. Now, Dont Yell At Me has new beer-infused beverages for those who enjoy indulging in the sweet treat with a hint of booze. 

The drinks

For the unacquainted, Dont Yell At Me is a Taiwanese brand known for their innovative range of concocted drinks. To celebrate their 1st year anniversary here in Singapore, they are bringing things to the next level by coming up with beer-infused menu items using Lager and Stout. 

Don’t Yell At Me Beer-Infused BBT

Light and refreshing drinks are excellent to cool down from the sweltering weather in Singapore. Consider ordering Dont Yell At Me’s Romance which features a Lager-concocted drink with rose and calamansi as ingredients. 

If that isn’t enticing enough, there is also Power, a pale gold Lager-infused beverage that uses pomegranate, grapefruit, and passion fruit. The creative use of fruits will undoubtedly give your taste buds a zesty kick. 

Both Romance and Power retail at $12 each. 

Don’t Yell At Me Beer-Infused BBT

Unique beverage fanatics who enjoy drinks with a thicker and creamier texture can look forward to trying their stout-infused offerings like Confidence, Honesty, and Simplicity. The first drink incorporates English toffee for a bittersweet taste, whereas the second item is balanced with raspberry syrup and pure lemon juice. 

Finally, the last item is made with French vanilla and rum for a rich multi-layered drink that is super Instagram-worthy. 

Each cup of Confidence, Honesty, and Simplicity retails at $14. 

Fundraiser event

Other than introducing the new blends that will make you beer-y happy, Dont Yell At Me is also hosting a charity fundraiser for their 1st year anniversary to advocate mental wellness from 28 to 30 October 2022. 

Called “Buy A Drink, Help A Friend”, the charity event aims to promote conversations about mental wellness and raise funds for a great cause ‒ 35% of the sales proceeds will be donated to Samaritans of Singapore (SOS).  

Don’t Yell At Me Beer-Infused BBT

In support of the fundraiser, Mediacorp artistes Ayden Sng and Fang Rong will also be making an appearance on 28 October 2022 from 7pm to 930pm. Ayden will be in charge of making the drinks while Fang Rong takes over the front-of-house service. 

Other ways to show your support include purchasing a limited edition Dont Yell At Me gift card priced at $30, with a total value of $39 for redemption. Make this a chance for you to surprise a BBT-loving friend with an early X’mas gift.  

That’s not all ‒ customers also get to bring home free SOS-designed pocket cards that come with more information about mental wellness, such as ways to cope with it and tips on helping your loved ones who are at risk of self-harm. 

Visit Dont Yell At Me’s 1st Year Anniversary Charity Event For A Refreshing Drink While Giving Back To Society

It is always heartwarming to see brands giving back to society, and Dont Yell At Me’s upcoming charity event is one not to be missed. Not only would you be contributing in a small way, but you’ll also get to try new concoctions with the BFFs while you’re at it. For more information about the fundraiser, visit Dont Yell At Me’s official Instagram

All images courtesy of Dont Yell At Me.

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