Doraemon & Mii-Chan EZ-Link Card

Having someone to accompany you during a long commute is one of the small blessings in life. No worries if you are still looking for that significant other, as there’s a newly released EZ-Link card that features Doraemon and Mii-Chan to keep you company on your travels.  

The design

Many know Doraemon as a robotic cat from the future, but here’s a fun fact for those of you who are less familiar with the manga: he has a love interest called Mii-Chan. Mii-Chan is a white she-cat that lives near the Nobis’ residence, and frequently goes on dates with Doraemon. 

Doraemon & Mii-Chan EZ-Link CardSource

Highlighting the special relationship that these two characters have, the EZ-Link card features the couple walking down the street, with residential houses in the background. Doraemon is holding onto several loaves of bread in one hand, with Mii-Chan following him. 

Perhaps also showing off his cheeky side, Doraemon looks as if he is winking at you. Right above him, you’ll see a heart motif in the yellow sky. 

The EZ-Link card retails at $10 with a $5 value load. 

Make Your Commute More Enjoyable With This Doraemon And Mii-Chan EZ-Link Card

Fans of Doraemon and cats will not want to miss out on this kawaii EZ-Link card, which will no doubt put a smile on their faces on their daily commute. Since the Doraemon and Mii-Chan EZ-Link will be made available at all SMRT passenger service centres progressively, do give it some time for all the stocks to arrive. 

For more Doraemon-themed travel tokens, check out this LED charm which lights up every time you tap in or out. 

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