Mercedes-Benz Mahjong Set

Just last month, many of us were hyped over the F1 races in Singapore that took place from 15 to 17 September 2023. If your love for cars extend beyond races, you’d be glad to know Mercedes-Benz has launched a luxurious mahjong set with tiles inspired by steering wheels. 

Now you can go full speed ahead to score a man tai zi mo at your next game.

The mahjong set

The mahjong set comes with a black case featuring the luxury car brand’s three-pointed stars logo on the front. Inside, the name “Mercedes-Benz” is etched onto the inner cover, complete with a set of sleek black tiles, dice and poker chips.

Mercedes-Benz Mahjong

The tong zi tiles, which are often characterised by its distinctive circle shapes, appear as colourful steering wheels instead. Perhaps this will make players feel a rush of adrenaline when they pong three tong zi tiles together during the game.

Meanwhile, the suo zi tiles, aka the bamboo tiles, draws inspiration from Mercedes-Benz’s EQE coil tail lights.

Mercedes-Benz Mahjong

The rest of the tiles remain familiar to regular mahjong players, except the fa and zhong tiles also come with the words “green” and “red” above the Chinese characters respectively. If you struggle with reading Chinese characters as much as I do, you’ll agree that it’s a convenient way to recognise the da pai tiles.

This Luxurious Mercedes-Benz Mahjong Set Will Speed Up Your Wins

As of now, it seems like the Mercedes-Benz mahjong set is only available in China. Hopefully, Mercedes-Benz will be able to bring this set over to Singapore too, seeing as Singaporeans love the game as if it’s our national sport. Head over to Xiaohongshu for more information. 

All images courtesy of Xiaohongshu.

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