Sanrio Graduation EZ-Link Cards

Graduation tends to evoke bittersweet memories, as it reminds us of the time we spent studying for exams, and the precious moments with friends in school. To commemorate this joyous occasion in our lives, EZ-Link has dropped exclusive Sanrio graduation EZ-Link cards. 

Featuring Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, Gudetama, and Little Twin Stars, these EZ-Link cards come in adorable designs to celebrate the milestone. Read on to find out more about the latest EZ-Link release.

The EZ-Link cards

Known for being lazy and lacking energy, Gudetama brings to mind those classmates who always appear to be dozing off in class. Yet, they still manage to ace their exams, and graduate.

If you have a friend who fits this very description, present them this Gudetama EZ-Link card for a fun surprise. 

Sometimes the academic journey is made easier with supportive friends. As a way to thank and congratulate your study buddy, this Little Twin Stars EZ-Link card might work as a suitable gift.

Sanrio Graduation EZ-Link Cards

Similar to how Kiki and Lala are decked in gowns and hats, be sure to strike a pose with your BFF for a memorable photo during the graduation ceremony.

Sanrio Graduation EZ-Link Cards

Graduation is indeed a joyous occasion, as it commemorates the milestone of successfully ending an academic era. Hello Kitty looks super excited as a graduate, smiling and waving in her graduation gown while holding her certificate. 

Sanrio Graduation EZ-Link Cards

On top of the adorable designs, each Sanrio graduation EZ-Link card is packed with a message card that features all the characters. This way, you get to pen down your sincere wishes, or any message you’re too shy to say IRL for a graduating friend.  

These Sanrio Graduation EZ-Link Cards Are A Great Way To Celebrate The Joyous Occasion

Just in time for the graduation season this May, these adorable Sanrio graduation EZ-Link cards are available for purchase on Shopee. They retail at $10 each with no load value. For more information, you can visit EZ-Link’s Facebook

All images courtesy of Shopee

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