Mickey Mouse Kitchenware  

Earlier this year, 7-Eleven Taiwan revealed an adorably fashionable Sanrio X ANNA SUI collection, and this time they have another exciting release in the works. 

Imagine a whole cooking and heating set in an amusing Mickey & Minnie theme – well, I’m all ears. This collection brings you not just a single multi-function pot, but 2 uniquely designed electric cookers for all your hotpot needs. 

Ceramic Hot Pot 

7-Eleven Mickey Hot Pot

Get this, instead of just a regular cooker, you can satisfy your late-night hotpot cravings with a cute Mickey Mouse-red electric cooker. This portable 2-litre pot is made to resemble Mickey’s little red pants with a convenient see-through cover lined with a sleek black finish. 

Add a little colour to your kitchen and enjoy the multiple functions which include boiling, frying or even cooking up some sukiyaki. The ceramic inner lining of the pot also means the perfect non-stick surface for easier cleaning up after. 

What’s more, not only do you get to eat out of Mickey’s adorable little “butt”, but the removable wire plug also makes it easy to move around and have your tasty hotpot absolutely anywhere. 

Multi-function Pot 

7-Eleven Mickey Cooker

This collection also includes a super adorable electric cooker that comes in 2 silly-sweet designs to let you cook to your heart’s content in style. This 3-litre pot is not only convenient but extremely easy to use. The pot takes multi-functional to a new level, affording boiling, steaming, stewing, stir-frying and more – truly an all-in-one!

7-eleven cooker green

The first design comes in a matcha green featuring little Mickey in a chef’s hat on the front and Minnie Mouse in the cutest little ensemble and matching toque on the back. 

With the words “Bon appetit printed on, it’s difficult not to picture yourself whipping up some delicious food in this convenient cooker. 

7-Eleven Cooker Red

The pot also comes in a rich-red with gold details and a silly-looking Mickey sticking out his tongue. The design doesn’t leave out Mickey’s partner in crime Minnie with her hands forming a heart shape, giving off some lovin’ for your cooking. 

This cute multi-function pot is the perfect addition to liven-up meals with your kids or simply for a quick solo supper. 

Heating Plate Set 

Mickey Hot Plate

In addition to the electric cookers, this set includes a heating plate and a 2-in-1 cup with the most adorable designs, taking the Mickey cuteness up a whole notch. The hot plates have a gravity intelligent sensor and are perfect for keeping your tea nice and warm. 

Hot plate black

The design includes the option of a black hot plate with a stunning gold embellishment in the shape of the iconic Mickey logo and a matching glass mug-cup duo that can be fixed together or used separately. The mug even comes with a cover that seconds as a base for the cup. 

Mickey Hot Plate red

The other design is a red hot plate with a print of Mickey’s 4-fingered white glove and a cup that resembles Mickey’s poofy little pants. Convenient and adorable, who wouldn’t want to have the honour of sipping some warm tea courtesy of Mickey’s perky little bum.

The hot plates also heat up to a temperature of 55°C and are the perfect addition to rainy weekday mornings. 

 Let Mickey Mouse Satisfy Your Warm Meal Cravings With A Little I-magic-nation

The Mickey Mouse set is only available as a limited pre-order from 7 July 2021 for 7-Eleven Taiwan for now, via a point system. Each item can be redeemed for pre-order using the “point and play electronic points”, which exchanges points in addition to a cash amount. You can view a video of the set on 7-Eleven Taiwan’s Facebook page.

Any updates for this same collection reaching 7-Eleven Singapore will be updated here, so keep your eyes peeled. While this awesome collection is yet to be available locally, you can check out the just as adorable Sanrio Pouch Collection from 7-Eleven Singapore. 

All images courtesy of 7-Eleven Taiwan. 

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