Friends x Revolution Makeup Collection

Friends has to be one of the most iconic comedy series to date – but that could just be a moo point. The brand Revolution now has a makeup collection with a whole series of items inspired by the show’s most iconic scenes, including Joey’s specially made lipstick for men. With these eyeshadow palettes, lip liners and more, you’ll be left screaming, “Oh My God!” just like Janice.   

Turkey eyeshadow palette 

turkey friends

Remember that one scene where Monica decided to wear a whole turkey on her head? This eyeshadow palette captures that moment perfectly. Even the large orange sunglasses and red hat she wore are incorporated into the package design. 

turkey eyeshadow palette

The palette itself comes in 2 different variations, one with 21 shades of eyeshadow and the other, a mini version with 9 shades. The colours mainly consist of warmer tones, with a mixture of shimmery and matte shades, to suit the Thanksgiving theme.

 In fact, all the eyeshadows are named based on the series so the shades “Truthday” and “Yams” should stir up a few giggles from all you Friends fans. 

The 21 shade palette is priced at US$25 (~S$33.59)  while the mini version is US$12 (~S$16.12). 

Ichiban lipstick  

Ichiban lipstick

While Joey’s advertisement only aired in Japan, the Ichiban lipstick in this collection is more accessible. The packaging is almost identical to the original, however, the lipstick itself is a clear shimmery balm – so no strange electric blue lips for you. 

The lipstick is priced at US$8 (~S$10.75). 

Lobster brushes

friends lobster

If she’s your lobster, then why not get this makeup brush set in pink for her? The set includes 3 gold brushes, each embellished with a lobster on the end and a pouch with a matching lobster zipper and print on the front. Be it your significant other or best friend – they’ll feel the love with this gift. 

The lobster brush set is priced at US$17.50 (~S$23.51). 

Phoebe set 

Phoebe makeup set

For all you Phoebe fans, this lobster-themed set includes a 9-pan palette, lipstick, lip gloss, falsies and a face mask. All the items in the collection have matching lobster prints all over and are based on our favourite singer-songwriter – Princess Consuela Bananahammock. 

The Phoebe set is priced at US$33.60 (~S$45.14).

Eyeshadow palette set

friends make up collection

This eyeshadow palette set has not just 1 but 10 different 9-pan palettes, all themed after different characters and iconic moments from the show. The palettes are arranged in this compact box which has polaroids of different Friends motifs all over. 

friends eyeshadows

Each of the palettes has a different picture on the packaging including one with the word “Pivot!” plastered on the front, as a reminder of when the housemates were struggling to move the couch. Each palette has distinct shades of eyeshadow options so you can pick a look based on whether you’re feeling like a Monica or a Rachel that day. 

The eyeshadow set is priced at US$90 (~S$120.92). 

Christmas set

friends christmas

While we’re still a little while away from the Christmas season, it’s never too early to prep presents. This Merry Christmas set has 12 different items so you can embark on your Christmas countdown, Friends style. 

The items include eyeshadow palettes, scrunchies, lip balms, lip scrubs, brushes, a mirror and more – with each item a reminder of what jingle bell season is like for the various Friends members. 

The Christmas set is priced at US$60 (~S$80.61). 

Bath bombs 

friends bath boms

These 4 bath bombs are sold separately and each reflects a different instantly recognisable motif from the series. The yellow taxi for example is Phoebe’s “death cab” that she inherited from her dad. 

The bath bombs also all have a distinct smell – the mug being marshmallow-scented, the monkey lavender-scented, the taxi mango-scented and the lobster strawberry-scented. 

The bath bombs are priced at US$4.90 – US$5.60 (~S$6.58 – S$7.52) each. 

Lip sets

rachel lip kit

The girls of the gang always seem to have their makeup on fleek, so you can consider these lip kits if you want a similar lip look. The first of the 3 is this Rachel lip kit with 2 lip glosses and a liner which are all in a lighter pink tone. 

monica liner

Alternatively, there’s a Phoebe and Monica option with 2 glosses and a liner as well. The Phoebe version has red and brown tones while the Monica version is more peachy in colour. 

The lip sets are priced at US$8.40 – US$9.60 (~S$11.29 – S$12.90) each.  

This Friends x Revolution Makeup Collection Will Help You Glam Up To Find Your Lobster 

All the items here and more from the Friends x Revolution collection can be found on the Revolution website which currently doesn’t ship to Singapore. However, you can always seek out a freight forwarder to ship the items to you. 

Alternatively, some of the items can be found on Look Fantastic, which ships to Singapore.

All images courtesy of Revolution Beauty US.

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