Gentlewoman Dumpling Bag

When it comes to the topic of trendy bags in Singapore, the first few that come to mind are often the dumpling bag from Beyond The Vines and the puffer swing from The Paper Bunny. But for those who want the best of both worlds, Thai fashion brand Gentlewoman has gotchu

Introducing the new Gentlewoman dumpling bag — it combines the elements of a scrunched opening from the dumpling bag and the plushness from a puffer bag. With this new accessory, you’ll certainly eat up a new look.

The bags

Gentlewoman Dumpling Bag

The Gentlewoman dumpling bag comes in eight colours, ranging from pastel hues to monochrome tones.

If you prefer to go for the puffy bag look, simply zip the bag up normally. Otherwise, make use of the drawstring feature to tighten the opening of your bag, resulting in an adorable squished dumpling look. 

This versatile design gives you flexibility to customise your bag according to your outfit. And for those who enjoy a bold look, opt for this silver bag for a unique pop of colour. 

Gentlewoman Dumpling Bag

Pastel colours such as green, pink and purple are also available in this collection, perfect for repping a soft girl look.

There’s also pastel blue, inspired by the colours of a flower, Butterfly Pea. Or if you’re looking for something to give you extra huat all year round — even after Chinese New Year — the bright red dumpling bag can serve as your good luck charm.

Gentlewoman Dumpling Bag

Taking it back to the basics, Gentlewomen isn’t forgetting the original colours that made the brand go viral in Singapore in early 2023. White and black designs are up for grabs, especially for those who also have the iconic canvas tote bag to match.

The New Gentlewoman Dumpling Bags Could Be The Next Fashion Trend In Singapore

The new Gentlewomen dumpling bags are now available in Gentlewoman stores in Thailand as well as on their online website, which ships directly to Singapore. It retails at USD$37 (~SGD$49.69), excluding shipping fees. So if you’ve been eyeing a new dumpling bag to keep up with the latest trends, this could be your sign to get one ASAP. 

All images courtesy of Gentlewoman.

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