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In Singapore, there’s some emphasis on having “made it” when you can afford designer bags. While people may argue that it’s never justified to spend thousands on a designer bag, I beg to differ. After all, money can indeed buy happiness, sometimes

For those planning their next big luxury purchase, we quizzed 10 different women on the cost of their designer bags, from less than $100 to almost $6,000.  

1. Lululemon Side Cinch Shopper Bag – $98


With a capacity of 18L and a cinchable opening, this bag is perfect for any trips to the mall or office. Leaving buyers spoilt for choice, this bag is also available in 32 different colours, ranging from eccentric Sonic Yellow to the more neutral Seal Grey — which Amanda chose. 

Funnily enough, Amanda’s husband was supposed to buy this bag for her on his work trip to Canada, where it would have been $40 cheaper. Unfortunately, after taking a 30-minute bus ride to the mall and braving the -20°C weather, he forgot.  

– Amanda

2. Tory Burch McGraw Crossbody – $120


Deciding that she wanted to carry a “sophisticated lady bag,” Jeanette was on the lookout for designer bags that were simple yet elegant. Luckily, she managed to score this Tory Burch crossbody bag for only $120, a fraction of its original price during a sale. 

But alas, Jeanette laments, “my life is mostly just going for shoots, editing, more filming. So, I have nowhere nice to carry this to.” 

– Jeanette

3. Guess Alexie Shoulder Bag – $100+


Fikah’s friend gifted her this Guess Alexie Shoulder Bag as a birthday present. Back then, she purchased it for about $100, a steal considering that this bag is now retailing at $220. 

If you haven’t recognised its familiar silhouette, this bag is actually a dupe for the Prada Nylon Re-edition bag — which has been popular on TikTok for the last 3 years. Made in the same shape and even material as its Prada counterpart, this bag is great for those who want to hop on the trend without breaking the bank.

– Fikah

4. Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C – $200+

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That one big purchase we make after receiving our first salary always hits different. For Alicia, her big purchase was this Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. With a removable chain and leather strap, this bag can be used in a number of different situations, proving its versatility. 

Not much can be said about its functionality though, as Alicia mentioned that she could not fit many things in the bag.

“I feel like it’s a rite of passage to have a big purchase when you start earning your own money.”

– Alicia

5.   Michael Kors Ciara Messenger Bag – $200

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In the face of a great deal, many of us tend to let out our inner kiasu-ness. Afterall, it’s simply too big of a waste to miss out on getting more for less. For Nicole, thinking about how she got this Michael Kors Ciara Messenger Bag at 36% off of its original price always puts a smile on her face. 

The story of why she purchased this bag goes like this. Nicole was actually on a student exchange trip to the UK when she had to be recalled back to Singapore due to the pandemic. Unfulfilled, she decided to make a luxury purchase to commemorate her time in the UK.

“[I thought that I] might as well spend all my money since I’m going home tomorrow.”

– Nicole

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6. Vivienne Westwood Vintage Bag – $200


Featuring brown leather details and made of pink cotton canvas, this Vivienne Westwood vintage bag is Afi’s “pride and joy.” If you’re wondering how she got her hands on Vivienne Westwood for only $200, Afi got her bag second-hand from Carousell

Fun fact: Afi’s mom thought that she had bad taste after seeing the bag and even offered to buy her a new one. 

“I like the look of it. It’s very Victorian, very like… old.”

– Afi

7. Dior Vintage Honeycomb Bag – $650


Many of us can’t bear to bring out our luxury bags for fear of dirtying or losing them — Jou included. Even months after buying this Dior vintage Honeycomb bag, the number of times she has brought it out can be counted with one hand, which might surprise you. 

Originally released in the 1980s, Dior’s Honeycomb series is actually no longer for sale. The only way to get bags with this iconic print would be through second-hand means, which Jou did. 

– Jou

8. Chanel Classic Wallet On Chain – $2,500

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If you’re a corporate girlie, then you’ll know that looking presentable and stylish at the office is a must. Shan’s job requires her to meet with clients occasionally and for such meetings, she borrows this Chanel bag from her mom.

It’s probably a good thing that this isn’t Shan’s because she actually doesn’t like it much. She explained that she found the length of its chain too long and hard to adjust. 

“I actually don’t really like this bag, and I hardly use it.”

– Shan

9.  Dior Mini Saddle With Shoulder Strap – $5,000+


We’ve all heard of K-pop fans going above and beyond for their idols and well, Sabriana is no exception. ICYMI, Jimin from BTS was announced as Dior’s brand ambassador in early 2023. To Sabriana — a Jimin stan — purchasing this Mini Saddle bag from Dior meant that she was supporting her idol.

– Sabriana

10. Chanel Mini Flap Bag – $5,900

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Two years ago, Zhidan purchased this Chanel Mini Flap bag for $5,900. Thinking that it was very cute and similar to the Chanel Classic Flap — but at half its price — Zhidan spent quite a bit of effort to get this bag, going so far as to queue outside the shop in the morning on launch day. 

Good news for her though, the bag now retails for $6,700. Since the bag’s value has risen by almost $1,000, you could actually say that Zhidan has saved $1,000 by buying this bag delulu is the solulu.

– Zhidan

Buying A Bag That Makes You Happy Is The Most Important

When buying a designer bag, what matters most is if it makes you happy. Sure, price is an important factor but, a common thread among these women is that they have never regretted their purchase.

Watch the full video of these 10 women sharing about their designer bags below:

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