Women’s Handbags 

Handbags are a need, not want. With how many things a girl has to carry, we all require a practical bag to store all our necessities. Additionally, they just somehow seem to make any outfit look complete. 

But, with so many different women’s handbags on the market, it’s hard to filter through all the options to find the perfect one. To make your search a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of 10 women’s handbags from various stores. Don’t worry if you’re not willing to splurge as we’ve included options with prices from $10.89.

1. Women’s Messenger Bag – $10.89


Baguette bags are common in Singapore, owing to their basic yet elegant design. If you’re looking for an affordable yet timeless piece, this Women’s Messenger Bag — which retails at $10.89 — is perfect for you. 

Available in three colours — black, nude pink, and white — this handbag will be able to match well with almost any outfit. The gold accents on its chain and zipper give it a touch of sophistication so you don’t have to worry about it not being office-approved. 

Get the Women’s Messenger Bag from Shopee.

2. Bamboo Pattern Pearlescent Shoulder Bag – $13.04


Most of us would have heard of coquette-core, a term which has been making its rounds all over social media. If you haven’t, the term basically describes dressing in a hyper-feminine style, to look dainty and almost dollish.

Well, this Bamboo Pattern Pearlescent Shoulder Bag is probably the epitome of coquette-core. Retailing at $13.04, the bag has a big bow at the front and is made of a holographic material — which shimmers in the sunlight. Moreover, there are pearls inside the bow, which add a touch of detail to the bag.

Get the Bamboo Pattern Pearlescent Shoulder Bag from Shopee.

3. IELG Vintage Baguette Bag – $19.05


If you’ve watched shoujo anime like Horimiya and Fruit Baskets, then you’ll probably find this bag quite familiar — since it resembles the bags our favourite protagonists carry. 

The IELG Vintage Baguette Bag comes in four colours — blue, black, wine red and brown — and is priced at $19.05. Go for wine red or brown if you want to live out your dreams of being a high school student in Japan.

Get the Vintage Baguette Bag from IELG’s official Shopee store.

4. Lovet Xiao Long Bao Knit Dumpling Bag – $26.90

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Dumpling bags must be included in every list of women’s handbags. Although the hype for them has waned a little, they can still be considered a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. After all, they’re simple yet unique enough to be set apart from other handbags.

The Xiao Long Bao Knit Dumpling Bag from Lovet — which retails at $26.90 — is both affordable and functional. With a drawstring closure, this bag will give you easy access to your items. Furthermore, its knit material makes it soft and comfortable to hold. 

While the bag may be a little small, it’s perfect for quick and casual outings.

Get the Xiao Long Bao Knit Dumpling Bag from Lovet’s official website.

5. The Sophia Label Cosy Fortune Cookie Bag – $53.90

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Carry some good luck around with you with this Cosy Fortune Cookie Bag from The Sophia Label. From a traditional shoulder bag, this bag can be transformed into one that resembles a fortune cookie by adjusting its shoulder strap.

Not to mention, when it comes to colour, The Sophia Label leaves you spoilt for choice. Take your pick from pastel colours like daffodil and peony to darker colours like wine red and cacao. Act fast to make sure you get the colour you want since you never know when the bags may sell out. 

Get the Cosy Fortune Cookie Bag from The Sophia Label’s official website.

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6. The Tinsel Rack x Good Totes Mini Cargo Sling – $54.90

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If you think of NewJeans when you see this bag, you’re not alone. With contrast stitching and in a cargo-style, this sling bag is reminiscent of a fresh, Y2K style.

Available in three colours, denim, black, and natural cream, this Mini Cargo Sling from The Tinsel Rack x Good Totes is sure to add a youthful and retro vibe to your outfit. The bag is currently retailing at $54.90.

Get Mini Cargo Sling from Good Totes’ official website.

7. The Paper Bunny Puffer Swing – $59


Since 2022, puffer bags have taken the world by storm. If you haven’t hopped onto the trend yet, then consider purchasing The Paper Bunny’s Puffer Swing, an 80s-inspired shoulder bag. Depending on how you adjust its strap, the bag can also be used as a crossbody bag.

While the bag may look small, don’t doubt its functionality. According to The Paper Bunny, the bag — which you can purchase for $59 — can fit both a water bottle and an iPad.

Get Puffer Swing from The Paper Bunny’s official website.

8. Charles & Keith Asymmetrical Shoulder Bag – $75.90


If you’re looking for a bag that’s a little more unique while still being subtle, this asymmetrical shoulder bag from Charles & Keith is the one for you. Depending on which style of the bag you choose — between black, light pink, tweed, and a yellow chequered design — this bag can be either classy or fun. 

The bag in tweed gives just the right amount of elegance, making it suitable for both work and play. Furthermore, it kind of gives off Blackpink Jennie vibes, since the tweed pattern resembles that of the clothes that she often wears from Chanel.

Get the Charles & Keith Asymmetrical Shoulder Bag from Charles & Keith’s official website.

9. Crafune Mini Tote – $90


Those who dislike the bulkiness of traditional canvas tote bags but still like their design can check out Crafune’s Mini Tote, which is priced at $90. As it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, the Mini Tote can be hand-carried or used as a crossbody, depending on your preference. 

Moreover, the bag is available in a variety of colours for you to choose from. Lighter colours include Periwinkle — a light purple — and cobalt teal while the darker colours include Forest Green and Midnight.

What’s even more special about this bag is that you can customise the colour of its bag tag. Though the Mini Tote only comes in eight colours, the bag tag comes in 15. 

Get the Mini Tote from Crafune’s official website.

10. Tocco Toscano Marlows Shoulder Bag – $229


Let’s admit it, we’ve all found ourselves desperately digging through our bags to find our phones or keys. If you never want to face a situation like that again, then check out Tocco Toscano’s Marlows Shoulder Bag, which retails at $229. With three interior compartments, a slot for your handphone, and a card slot, all your items and little trinkets can be organised neatly, so you’ll know exactly where everything is.

Aside from being a dream to pack, this shoulder bag also boasts a simple exterior design and comes in five neutral colours — camel, black, olive, taupe, and grey — making it perfect to bring to the office. 

Get the Marlows Shoulder Bag from Tocco Toscano’s official website.

These Handbags Will Make Every Outfit Instagram-Worthy

Handbags are a great accessory to have on hand. Not only are they functional — by acting as storage for your items — but they also add a sense of cohesiveness to any outfit.

With this list of women’s handbags, you can choose the one that suits your style the best. Each handbag on this list is sure to make all your #OOTDs Instagram worthy.

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