Best Things From Beyond The Vines

At some point of time, you might realise that all of your girlfriends owned the iconic, viral Dumpling Bag from Beyond The Vines. What can we say? The bags aren’t just cute, but they are also made with a lightweight material that’s stretchy and flexible — you’ll be surprised at just how much you can fit inside one tiny Dumpling Bag.

But apart from the Dumpling Bag, Beyond The Vines also has a full range of fashion and lifestyle items that will guarantee a bang for your buck. We’ve compiled 10 of the best things to buy from Beyond The Vines, so you can zhng up your wardrobe while staying ahead of the trend.

Is Beyond The Vines a Singapore brand?

Many might be surprised to discover this, but Beyond The Vines is a Singapore brand that was established by a husband and wife team back in 2015. Described as “a multidisciplinary design studio based in Singapore”, the brand’s products take inspiration from contemporary culture.

How do you clean BTV bags?

The best part about Beyond The Vines’ bags? Most of them are made with water-resistant nylon, meaning that cleaning them is as easy as pie — spot cleaning with gentle soap is often the recommended option. But if you’re looking for specific wash care instructions for each bag, information is also readily available on their website.

What are the best products to buy from Beyond The Vines?

Here are the best products to get from Beyond The Vines:

Product name Product type Price
Dumpling Bag Bag $79
Poofy Bag Bag $89
Parapack Bag $89
Super Panelled Lunch Bag Bag $39
The Carnival Bag Bag $89
Utility Jumpsuit with Strap Detail Apparel $119
Unisex Super Panelled Gilet  Apparel $109
Poofy Wallet Accessory $59
BTV-TO-GO Phone Strap Accessory $49
BTV x Casetify Phone Case Accessory $99

1. Dumpling Bag

Beyond The VinesSource

Ah, yes. When it comes to Beyond The Vines, it’s impossible to not mention the Dumpling Bag. It’s what the brand is best known for, and for good reason too. Designed with short handles and an adjustable crossbody strap, these bags are versatile enough to suit any occasion, no matter if it’s a coffee date or a night out. 

The Dumpling Bag comes in four sizes to suit your preferences: Micro, XS, M and XL. Pick from a range of 11 colours, as well as the Super Panelled collection, which features a blend of different shades together. 

Get the XS Dumpling Bag for $79.

2. Poofy Bag

Beyond The VinesSource

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that the puffer bag trend has been taking over the fashion scene in Singapore for a while now. Beyond The Vines has their own version of the puffer bag, known as the Poofy Bag.

This cute and compact bag can be carried on the shoulder or as a crossbody with its adjustable straps, finished with a magnetic flap in front.  

Get the Poofy Bag for $89.

3. Parapack


For those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors, the ParaPack is the perfect bag meant for long hikes. It’s made with 100% recycled ripstop nylon and can also be used as a backpack or tote bag. There’s even front and inner pockets, finished with a waterproof zipper and drawstring closure, so you can ensure all your hiking essentials are kept safely as you move. 

The soft padded shoulder straps guarantee comfort when carrying it out for long, and can also be tucked away neatly when not in use. 

Get the Parapack for $89.

4. Super Panelled Lunch Bag

Beyond The VinesSource

What better way to save the Earth than through reducing plastic waste? It’s time to add The Super Panelled Lunch Bag from Beyond The Vines to your collection, a waterproof bag with insulation on the inside to keep your food warm. Now you can proudly tell your usual cai fan auntie, “no need plastic bag”, whenever you’re out to da bao lunch.

Get the Super Panelled Lunch Bag for $39.

5. The Carnival Bag

Beyond The VinesSource

Nothing screams “beach day” like the Carnival Bag, made with a mix of mesh and structured nylon for a quirky look. This roomy bag is perfect for storing all of your beach essentials such as towels, toiletries and swimwear, with two handle lengths for hand and shoulder carry.

If you’re ever tired of its look, the Carnival Bag is also reversible to switch up your style according to your mood. 

Get The Carnival Bag for $89.

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6. Utility Jumpsuit with Strap Detail


If the Dumpling Bag is Beyond The Vines’ most well-known bag, then it’s safe to say that the Utility Jumpsuit with Strap Detail is the apparel equivalent. This timeless jumpsuit features adjustable straps and a front pocket detail, serving as a comfy outfit for chill days out with your friends. 

The design is also available in denim or as shorts, and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from XS to XXL. 

Get the Utility Jumpsuit with Strap Detail for $119.

7. Unisex Super Panelled Gilet 


For those who’ve been dreaming about getting away from the hustle and bustle of life and living as a fisherman in the countryside, perhaps you can start by looking the part first, with the Super Unisex Panelled Gilet. This unique vest is made with smooth nylon and features utility pockets on the front, adding a unique look to your OOTD. 

Get the Unisex Super Panelled Gilet for $109.

8. BTV-TO-GO Phone Strap


With how easily accessible everything is on our phones now, it’s impossible to leave our houses without them. But a common struggle that ladies face is often having big phones yet small pockets, meaning we have to hand carry our phones while we’re out and about.

This is where the BTV-TO-GO Phone Strap comes in handy. It’s easy to sling your phone around your neck, especially for outdoor adventures or concerts. It comes in three different parts, where customers can customise according to their favourite colours. 

Get the BTV-TO-GO Phone Strap for $49.

9. Poofy Wallet

Beyond The VinesSource

According to a colleague, the Poofy Wallet is the perfect accessory to take with you while travelling. And as with most of Beyond The Vines’ items, this wallet is able to pack more than what meets the eye. It includes an inner patch pocket and a separate card sleeve, complete with a soft exterior to match the Poofy Bag. 

Get the Poofy Wallet for $59.

10. BTV x Casetify Phone Case

Beyond The VinesSource

The BTV x Casetify collection was a dream come true for both fans of Beyond The Vines and Casetify, who were looking to level up their phone cases. The collection stars a variety of BTV-inspired designs such as hotel graphics, poolside aesthetics and deck chairs to make every mirror selfie extra fun. 

While the collection has already been sold out on Beyond The Vines’ website, customers can still purchase them on Casetify’s webstore

Get the BTV x Casetify Phone Case for $99.

What is so special about Beyond The Vines?

What makes Beyond The Vines stand out from other brands is their mission statement to “create boldly, design simply”. Their cute, practical and minimalist designs are always well-loved by many Singaporeans, with new releases often selling out on the day itself. 

So if you’re already camping for their next restock, make sure to add them to cart ASAP.

Treat Yourself To A Range Of Fashion & Lifestyle Items From Beyond The Vines

The next time you’re looking to treat yourself to a new bag or get a gift for your BFF, perhaps you can consider these best things to buy from Beyond The Vines. As someone who already owns three Dumpling Bags myself, all I can say is, there’s no such thing as hoarding too many items from Beyond The Vines. 

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