Haidilao Lipstick

If you’re planning to head to Haidilao for some hotpot, you’ll probably bring your own lipstick along for touch-ups after the meal. What if the restaurant saved you the trouble by providing you with its own lipstick? That’s right. On top of manicures, free snacks while waiting and ziplock bags for your phone, Haidilao is now going the extra mile with lipstick as well.

Facial gift box

haidilao facial gift box set

A social media user shared on Chinese social media site, Xiaohongshu, about her recent birthday experience at a Haidilao restaurant in Beijing. The server presented her with a Facial Gift Box, made in collaboration with Chinese beauty company Bio-MESO.

The Facial Gift Box included a lipstick match pack, a pack of 20 oil blotting sheets and a single makeup remover wipe. Seems fitting, since the steam from the hot soup may melt away your makeup. Also, the blotting sheets can help absorb the oil accumulated after the hearty meal.

haidilao lipstick box

The lipstick match pack, however, came as a pleasant surprise to the customer. Lipstick matches are sometimes used in sample packs, where you can colour your lips with a single match to see if a particular shade suits you.

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Lipstick matches

haidilao lipstick inside box

There are 2 shades of lipstick in the box, named after popular Haidilao soup bases. The shade on the left literally translates to Butter Soup, a spicy soup base with chili oil, while the shade on the right is Tomato Soup. It reminds us of how the bright orange lipstick from the Super Ring Makeup concept collection was inspired by the snack itself too.

haidilao lipstick swatches

The Tomato Soup shade (top) is a warm red tone like the soup base it is named after. It almost makes you wonder if it actually smells like tomato soup too.

The Mala Butter Soup shade (bottom) is a deep pink colour suitable for those with cool-toned skin. Maybe it’ll give your lips that tingly sensation you get after drinking the Mala Soup Base at Haidilao.

The Haidilao Lipstick Will Make After-Dinner Touch-ups More Convenient

Like many of the services and gifts Haidilao offers its customers, the Facial Gift Box was complimentary. It is available in Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but it is not clear if it will be making its way to Haidilao outlets in Singapore. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get our hands on it to try if it actually tastes like soup.

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