Hands-Free Standing Hair Dryer

Ladies with long and thick hair would know that it takes almost forever to blow-dry them. Sometimes, it has us wishing that it could dry automatically while leaving our hands free to snack or text bae instead. 

Well, it seems like the dream is now a reality, as there is a hands-free standing hair dryer that can help do the trick.    

The design 

Compared to traditional hair dryers, this standing hair dryer comes with a slim neck and is supported by a circular base at the bottom ‒ a simple design that is perfect for minimalist-style lovers. 


It is also available in 2 classy shades, rose gold and white, that add to the aesthetics of your living space. 

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Whether you’re sitting on the floor or in front of your vanity table, you can adjust the height of the hair dryer so it is blowing at your preferred level. In addition, the head of the hair dryer can also be angled accordingly. 

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When not in use, have it folded vertically at 180 degrees so you can keep it in the corner of your room without taking up much space. 

Below the hair dryer, you’ll also find 2 air-outlet grilles with a unique design. They allow the wind to reach a larger surface area of your hair, meaning you get to dry them faster and more evenly.

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On top of that, the softness of the wind will also leave your hair with a smooth finish ‒ gentle on those who are already suffering from hair damage.  

Hands-Free Standing Hair DryerSource

Notice how the end of the hair dryer is shielded with 2 layers of filter. This way, it will prevent your hair from being sucked into it accidentally ‒ a painful, familiar experience for those who’ve been through it before. 

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That’s not all of the unique features of the hair dryer, as it is also designed with a detachable remote control, found on the side. You can switch between 5 heat settings and 3 wind speeds easily without having to get up. 


Its petite size also makes it an adorable feature of the hair dryer.  

Free Up Your Hands When You Use This Standing Hair Dryer To Dry Your Hair 

With this hands-free standing hair dryer, you can now multi-task on other things like playing Mobile Legends while you dry your hair. It’s available for purchase on Shopee at the price of $239.04.

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